Lawrence Bender: Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Inglourious Basterds (2009) takes the best of various approaches to war movies and combines them into an entertaining, shocking, and serious film about one of the worst tragedies in human history. Make no mistake, this Lawrence Bender movie is characteristic of what has become termed “guy movies”. It is filled with action, one-liners, and some typical aspects of characters that make up “Hollywood” commando units. As fantastic as some of the story is, the fundamental plot of war crimes and the disappearance of priceless artwork during World War II is very real.

There is comedy behind the darkness. Intrigue accompanies the aspect of the story about the historically significant pieces of art. Love and compassion also make their way into character development. The overriding theme is heroism and bravery. Maybe this was the primary objective of Inglourious Basterds. In a time where the Internet and social media have transformed society, human beings need to revisit their roots which laid the foundation for today’s success.

We have become a more intellectual and status seeking society. The era of the movie was about survival, not just for life, but for freedom of thought and our treasured history. The art has both real importance and symbolic significance. Without it, we would lose what we learned about ourselves in the past and a bit of our soul.

Lawrence Bender’s movies seem to always be challenging the status quo to grow and develop. Pioneering filmography usually takes precedence over his progressive artistic expression. Inglourious Basterds can be considered a change of pace for Lawrence Bender. His attempt to foster understanding and bring awareness to the masses is veiled within a typical action movie.

Lawrence Bender, a lifetime environmental and political activist, was born in New York City. His career in film was preceded by an injury as a ballet dancer. He went on to captivate viewers with the iconic Reservoir Dogs (1992) and An Inconvenient Truth (2006). Lawrence Bender produced 3 films that were nominated for best picture and is known for intriguing fans by taking on small movie roles in his productions.

Adam Milstein Advocate Of Semitic Rights

Adam Milstein recently reported on developments in the attempts by radical Muslims to delegitimize Israel, the historic homeland of the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism has been a constant presence of the extreme right over the years. Recently North America along with Europe has turned a blind eye to the efforts of radical Muslims and their ideology. Adam Milstein states that the ignorance of radical Muslims convictions superiority of Islamic around has created a failure in the distinguished rent between mainstream and radical Muslims.

Adam Milstein has stated that in this light, Israel is viewed as an oppressor of Muslim ideology and is blamed continuously as the source of most problems in the Middle East. This political alliance has been typified by the organizer of women’s Mark on Washington DC Linda Sarsour. This alliance is the political left is growing. To illustrate the recent trend rallies in Chicago that had been created to help celebrate the LGBT communities expelled three people for displaying their Jewish heritage by placing stars of David on their pride flags.

This is led to a strange alliance between Islamic radicals and radical leftists. This comes along with a history of extreme Islamic nationalists collaborating with oppressors of Judaism. For example the cooperation between the grand movie of Jerusalem during the reign of Adolf Hitler.

Perhaps what is most alarming about the recent rise of anti-Semitism is how this controversial ideology has begun to enter the mainstream culture’s vernacular. As radical Muslims are continuing to focus on the delegitimization of Israel the historic homeland of the Jewish people they continue to instigate racist ideologies. By strengthening their allegiance with the radical left, they hope to destroy Western values of freedom and democracy and tolerance. This growth of anti-Semitic sentiment particularly on college campuses not only threatens the ideology of those who reside in America but the future of people with Jewish heritage around the world.

Adam Milstein along with his wife Gila have cofounded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This organization hopes to sponsor the education of students and young professionals around the world and to help those identify with their Jewish heritage and encourage their Jewish pride along with advocation for the rights of the state of Israel and Jewish people as a whole.

Dick DeVos Establishes Himself As A Social Reformer

I first became aware of the business leader Dick DeVos through his impressive work at the AmWay Group, which was founded by his father and developed further by Dick during his time as President from 1993 to 2004; although I was shocked to discover Dick was standing down as AmWay President in 2004, I believed his motives for doing so were based on his need to become more active in the community. There is much for us all to admire in the business work of Dick DeVos, including the more than $5 billion personal fortune he has developed over the years and the fact he helped establish AmWay as one of the world’s best respected direct sales groups. For Dick DeVos the work he has completed in business seems to be important, but I believe his work in the community is just as important to both he and wife Betsy; the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation was established in 1989 and continues to do good works in the sectors of justice, the environment, and social issues. I was recently reading a Philanthropy Roundtable interview with Betsy DeVos that gave an insight into the work the couple has completed in the field of education reform since become interested in this area during the 1980s. One of the amazing factors in the life of Dick DeVos is how this Northwood University graduate and product of the Michigan public school system finds the time to complete all the jobs and tasks he undertakes on a regular basis; DeVos was elected to the Michigan Board of Education in 1990 after he and Betsy made trips to many schools in the state and discovered parents had little say in how their children were educated. It is easy for me to see how much affection Dick DeVos has for his home state of Michigan, but his work to reform education has taken him across the U.S. to help establish school vouchers and school choice programs across the country. Dick’s interests are reflected in the charter school he established with Betsy in Grand Rapids that specializes in aviation education that allows young people with an interest in all aspects of the aviation industry to follow these up and provide them with a better chance of achieving success in this industrial sector.


Dick Devos’ Stow Company Has A New CEO, Phil Dolci

The Stow Company has a new CEO. It is my belief that the new CEO will enhance the company’s success in the market. Stow Corporation is regarded as one of the largest company in terms of organizational product offering and custom home storage. The 48-year-old, Phil Dolci, took up his duties at the Holland based manufacturing firm in April. Dick and Betsy DeVos owns the Grand Rapids MI. The couple has been involved in political activism on conservative concerns.
Dolci shall be succeeding the retiring CEO, Frank Newman. I believe that Newman shall continue to provide his services in the company as a board member. With an expansive experience that spans over 23 years, Dolci is a recognized leader on marketing, manufacturing and design of consumer products. In the recent past, Dolci was the CEO of Cincinnati-based Crosman Corporation. The company engages in the design, manufacture and supply of tools used for shooting sports.
While ushering in the new CEO, Dick posited that Phil would use his experience and abilities to enhance growth and market share of Stow Company. The chairman of the company added that he was thankful for Frank’s exemplary leadership in the past four years. Dolci has served in different leadership positions at Sanford, which is a division of Newell Rubbermaid, Kraft Foods and Dean Foods. Dolci resume highlights his leadership successes at U.S. playing cards.
Dolci is a graduate of the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University where he graduated with an MBA. He is also an alumnus of the University of Chicago where he pursued his bachelor’s degree in economics. The Stow Company was founded in 1984. It has employed 280 workers. Its products are categorized into four brands, which are Distinctive Wine Cellar, ORG home custom solutions, Easy track modular storage systems and Easy closets do-it yourself. Boiled Water, Stow Company, The Reserve and Neurocore are part of Windquest Group, which is under Grand Rapids holding group. This information was originally reported on M Live.
About Dick DeVos
Dick has served in different executive positions for the Orlando Magic, The Windquest group and Amway. He is the current president of Windquest group. For nine years, Dick was the Amway’s president. In this position, Dick was in charge of operations in 50 countries spread across six continents. Before leaving the company, Amway made sales worth $ 4.5 billion. Previously, Dick was the CEO of the Orlando Magic, which had been acquired by his family in 1991.
Additionally, Dick is an active philanthropist. Through his education freedom fund, Dick has been able to award over 4000 scholarships to needy students in Michigan. He has also been instrumental in the formation of the West Michigan Aviation Academy besides serving on the State Board of Education. The pilot published his best-selling book, Rediscovering American Values, in 1997. The national champion sailor has chaired different Grand Rapids revitalization and improvements in the health care. This information was originally published on Dick DeVos’ website.

Charles Koch’s significance in the presidential race

The American presidential race is on, and there are various outrages towards what the candidates are bringing out as agendas. The recent criticism has come from a billionaire Charles Koch, who is an entrepreneur and described as a philanthropist. Charles Koch is against whatever that the candidates are campaigning to implement for the people. He is so disappointed that the real issues that are affecting the American community are not addressed, and candidates are concentration on non-issues. It makes him wait a little longer to offer his support in financing the campaign. He is willing to spend an amount worth $ 900 million on the 2016 presidential campaign but not in the primaries.

Charles Koch was born in 1935 to Mary Robinson and Fred C Koch as his parents. He later inherited a business by the brand Koch Industries from his father. Currently, they own it with his brother where they have equal shares in the business. They invested in more product lines and expanded the territory of their father. He is the Chief Executive Officer, co-owner and he chairs the board that runs the company. Both brothers are actively involved in the multi-billion businesses since, David Koch, holds a position of Executive Vice President of Koch Industries.

Charles Koch is always passionate about a liberated society which is free from patronage. He is an admirer of a 19th-century politician who supported the smooth running of the business in any society. The British politician, William Gladstone is his political hero and role model. He is a liberal and will always wish for a society that is free of dictatorship and which supports entrepreneurship in any form as long as it improves the society. Politics is an arm of a stable government, and this must be put on the main agenda tp ensure that politics plays the largest role in improving people’s lives. He is mostly concerned of the campaign taglines that both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are raising as agendas.

The Muslim community has been in existence for the rest of America’s life, and there is totally nothing wrong to live still with them. Trump suggests that they should be locked out of America and forced to register with the American government. Charles Koch is against such actions because that destroys the free society that we should embrace where businesses should be conducted freely and with peace in the country.

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Wirth To Run In Support of Navy SEAL Foundation In Lake Tahoe Triathlon


The Navy SEALs are one of the most skilled and accomplished military units not only in this country but in the entire world. This September they will get a much deserved assist from one of Squaw Valley’s business and community leaders when the Lake Tahoe Ironman Triathlon comes to town.

For the second year in a row, Andy Wirth will be leading team Special Warfare Warriors in the triathlon. Wirth will be performing the final leg of the event, a marathon run. Wirth and his team are competing to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation. The Foundation provides immediate and ongoing assistance as needed to Navy Seals and their families.

Wirth has developed a special bond with the Navy Seals over the past two years. While rehabilitating injuries sustained in October 2013 due to a near fatal skydiving accident, Wirth met a group of SEALs in Squaw Valley. The SEALs were in the region as part of their winter mountain combat training. Wirth credits their advice and attitude as helping his recovery along.

Wirth is a booster for the Lake Tahoe area and had lobbied Ironman to hold a triathlon race in the area. When Ironman agreed to do so in 2014, its CEO told Wirth now that he had his race, he expected him to be in it. Even though he was less than a year removed from his injury, Wirth assembled a team consisting of himself, a college friend who is a competitive cyclist, and another friend from the Navy SEALs who will performing the swimming leg of the race.

Wirth is continuing his recovery and will be running with an arm brace. His recovery is continuing and in the future he hopes to compete in all three legs of the triathlon.

If you would like to support the Navy SEAL Foundation, Wirth has set up a fundraising page through Crowdrise. The page can be found by clicking here.