Cat Cafe Opens in Florida

A new cat-filled cafe has just opened in Naples, Florida. It is not quite the first of its kind, for a similar restaurant opened in the San Francisco Bay area last month. The first cat cafe in North America is in Montreal, and new such establishments are planned to soon arrive in Los Angeles, New York, Portland, and Washington, D.C. I heard about this the other day while reading about Laurene Powell Jobs.

The new cafe is called “Planet Tails” and lets its guests enjoy their meals in the midst of a hoard of felines. The owner tells us that customers come to bond around animals instead of around beer as happened in Cheers. With a cup of coffee in one hand, a WiFi-connected cell phone in the other, and a cat snuggling up to their side, clients can dine in style.

Customers can also adopt the cats if they wish, for they are sourced from Collier County Domestic Animal Services. Additionally, the cafe runs a small pet education center and sells retail items. Finally, they also offer pet boarding and daycare services. 

Those who love to eat out and love cats will be sure to hang out at Planet Tails. We can only speculate as to whether new dog cafes will start popping up as competition. Maybe there will soon be bird cafes, fish tank cafes, or even just generalized pet cafes. I find it hard to understand the attraction, but nonetheless, it’s a free country where you can pursue happiness in all kinds of odd ways.