David McDonald – OSI Group’s Success Ingredient

Mr. David McDonald who holds a Bachelors degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University coupled with thirty years of industry experience, serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group, LLC, Aurora, Illinois – a global leader in protein supply. Mr. McDonald started his career as a Project Manager at OSI Group where he worked tirelessly to earn a position on the board of directors of the company. In addition to his appointment at OSI Group, he also serves as the Chairman of North American Meat Institute. Mr. David McDonald has been an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. since December 2008 after Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos had acquired the OSI Group operations in Europe and in Brazil.

David McDonald’s solid professional acumen and deep knowledge of industry along with his expertise in international businesses makes him successful in various positions at OSI Group. His organization has established ten Chinese facilities which handle poultry processing. These establishments service numerous well-known chain restaurants such as Yum, McDonald, Subway,Papa John’s, Burger King and Starbucks, providing them with various quality meat products that are processed into the delicious foods on their menus.

OSI Group under the direction of David McDonald has continued to exceed customer expectations, provide optimum satisfaction and enjoy upward progressing profitability even in new terrains. His ability to take charge of incumbent issues and provide solutions to them while creating dynamic and long-term business partnerships in diverse countries has contributed largely to the successes of OSI Group.

McDonald’s innate understanding of the visions and goals of the company has enabled him to be a catalyst in the exploration and utilization of arising business opportunities in the market recently acquiring Baho Food, a Dutch food processing company that operates in Germany and the Netherlands.

Three whole decades after graduating from ISU, Mr. David McDonald displays his deep sense of inclusion and patriotism by ensuring that he is actively involved with the school providing internship opportunities to students at OSI Group, contributing to the scholarship fund for deserving students and working with the schools Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative.

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David McDonald Relationship With OSI Group

Today, OSI Group is ranked as among the world largest food provider industry. It has employed more than 20,000 employees to work in the company’s facilities sited in 17 countries. OSI Group has raised from a humble beginning and become a large corporate in American economic history at 20th-century. It is still growing and widening internationally making it have an evolution story on the modernized global economy. The organization has roots since the turn of 20th century. Otto Kolschowsky who was German immigrant into the United States and settled in Chicago, Illinois. The quarter city was made by German population during that time. The city was thrilling as an industrial center and new immigrants entry point.

After Kolschowsky arrived in the city for two years, he opened a retail meat market that was small and a butcher shop. It served his community. The business was thriving well and after the end of world war one, he upgraded to wholesale part of the business. The business kept following that storyline after some decades. It was rebranded as Otto & Sons in late 1928.

Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald in 1955 as a restaurant and located in Des Plaines, Illinois. Before he started the restaurant, he had made an agreement with Otto Kolschowsky sons. They were the first franchise suppliers of ground beef. It was fateful development. In few years time, Kroc bought the David McDonalds where he became the Chief Executive Officer. It was the primary task for Otto & Sons to primarily supply the McDonald’s restaurants. It made the family business to ride a shotgun and they made it become world most recognizable company.

After the Otto & Sons transitioned from being regional suppliers, they formed OSI Group which is a global corporation. They even built in 1973 a plant as a dedication to McDonald’s product line with the new technology of flash freezing hamburger patties. When the retiring age of Otto sons approached, they asked partnership with Sheldon Lavin in 1975. he was already introduced to the company as investment consultant where he had played a major role during 1970 capitalization efforts.

David McDonald is the president and operating CEO of OSI group. David McDonald used to serve as the OSI industries project manager. David McDonald is also the chairman of the Meat Institute in North America. He has also been independently directing Marfrig Global Foods since 2008. David McDonald is also a member of directors in OSI Groups. he has a degree in animal science that he attained from Iowa State University.



David McDonald Serves OSI Group By Helping It To Expand Its Operations All Over The Globe

David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, which is a top 100 American food company that operates on an international level. He was born in Iowa where he grew up, and he graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science. He is also the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute and has been so for some years. He has also been with OSI Group for more than three decades and has been a massive part of the company’s success. As the President of a global food company, he puts a lot of work in to ensure that OSI’s logistical team can keep pace with the ever-changing global food market. Part of this work involves working with regional marketers who understand the needs of the customers in any given area.

In recent times, OSI Group purchased Baho Foods, which is a Dutch food company that focuses on providing its customers with deli meats and a spread of other processed food items. This has helped the company to expand into the European market, and David McDonald was on-hand during the acquisition to offer his opinion. He commented that Baho Foods will make a great addition to OSI’s ever-expanding European endeavors and that it will give the company a much wider presence in the nation. He also revealed that Baho Foods offers a spread of brands and products that add to what OSI is already offering in the area and that the move will be the best thing for the customers who they serve there. Baho has processing facilities located in the Netherlands and Germany with five companies under its belt including Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, and Henri van de Bilt.

When asked how he got started in the food industry, David McDonald commented that he joined OSI after he graduated from Iowa State University. He had to work his way up from the bottom but did so over the years. His interest in animal science and the food industry was with him throughout his college days. He now helps OSI Group to make its money by providing food products and services to large companies that exist all over the world. Since his time with the company, he has watched it grow rapidly and become the dominating force that it is today. The partnerships that David McDonald has helped to form for OSI have been crucial to the company’s success.

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The OSI Group expansion strategy

For over a hundred years, OSI Group has had an impressive history since it was established by Otto Kolschowsky. When it was established in 1909, it was a typical meat market and butcher shop in the Chicago City in the United States. Previously, the company was known as the Otto & Sons but has undergone major changes over the years to now a giant corporation. Currently, the company has shops in over 65 locations and has partners across the world.

OSI Group is headed by Sheldon Lavin who acts as the company’s CEO and Chairman. Since his arrival at the company, he has focused on food safety, sustainable and green practices. Even though Sheldon Lavin is 81 years, he has not slowed down his efforts to ensure that the company continues to expand throughout the world. He guides the company through its strategic market-focused methods thus ensuring that the company continues to grow exponentially.

The Group’s expansion strategy is based on acquisitions of other similar companies in markets that it operates in. The earliest signs that Otto & Sons was destined to experience phenomenal growth was in 1955 when it was chosen to supply hamburger to McDonald stores. It was the first company that the then young McDonald fast food joint contracted to supply it with meat products.

In 1973, the Otto & Sons opened a new plant which was dedicated to specially serve the McDonald’s stores. It is also during the 197s when Sheldon Lavin joined the company thus becoming a partner with Otto’s two sons who were running the company. Immediately, after he arrived, Mr. Lavin steered the company to reach the global market rapidly.

The Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Group in 1975 and expanded into new markets such as Spain, Brazil, Austria, Germany and other European markets in the 1980s. Additionally, it continued to open additional meat facilities across the United States thus boosting its production. In the 1990s, the OSI Group expanded into other markets including China, Poland, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Since the new millennium began, the OSI Group started to aggressively expand its poultry operations in other continents. Under Lavin, the company also started to expand through acquisitions in the 2000s. In this case, the company acquired the American Poultry Company in 2006 to show its interest in the poultry market. The company also acquired an Australian company when it wanted to enter into the country’s beef industry.

OSI Group opened a new beef production company in Japan in 2010. Since then, the company has opened other meat processing plants in India and Canada. Other major acquisitions that the company has carried out to underline its dominance and expansion strategy include the Tyson production plant in 2016 for $7.4, Dutch Baho Food where OSI Group acquired a controlling stake in 2016, and the acquisition of the Flagship Europe acquisition in 2016.

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David McDonald achievements in food industry

David McDonald is famed to be an entrepreneur and an investor in the food industry. He is currently the CEO and President of OSI Group. OSI Group of companies is an American privately owned company that deals with food processing. The company works jointly with retailers and food service industries in its chain of distribution. They produce and sell value- added food stuffs like snacks, beef, poultry products, dough products, pizza, hot dogs, sausages, pork among other delicacies.

David McDonald has worked as the CEO of premier world food provider, OSI Group for more than three decades. His tenure in OSI Group has improved and expanded the state of the company. He believes that the cornerstone of their success lies in the ability to create successful partnerships. Having partners all over the market helps the company to deliver quality products as per the culture and preferences of customers in respective regions. The company`s success in each area has allowed them to scale OSI Group globally.

David McDonald believes that offering the best to clients is not limited only to production abilities, but it includes product innovation and development. He says customers are the soul of innovation. The company is committed to providing the brands that each customer requires in their expectation. Therefore, partnering process in providing the customers with exactly what they need has been the aspect of success and growth in their venture.

In David McDonald watch, the company has opened and jointly acquired various food processing industries in different parts of the world. They opened facilities in China which has made a tremendous growth. The company has over fifty installations in more than seventeen countries. In 2016 David McDonald helped the company to purchase Baho Food, a food processing facilities that were privately owned by Dutch. Baho has expanded the market for meat and other food products in Netherlands and Germany.

David McDonald served as the Project Manager of OSI Group before working as the president & chief operating officer. He also acts as the Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods. David is a member of OSI Board of Directors. He studied the degree in animal science from Lowa State University.

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