Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Greg Finch Focuses on Precision and Techniques

When patients are determined to need orthopedic surgery, it’s typically for more common procedures. Those procedures can involve joint replacements. The most common joint replacements are of the knee and the hip.

The number one priority of the orthopedic surgeon is to safely and accurately reconstruct the patient’s damaged joint. The goal is to relieve the patient of long lasting pain and provide improved function. Typically, patients will undergo a joint replacement of the knee, or the hip, after several years of having excruciating pain. The material used in a joint replacement varies based on the part of the body. The more commonly ceramic materials used are alumina, zirconia, silica, hydroxyapatite, titanium nitrite, and silicon nitrate. These materials generally bond well together within the joint replacement and reduce the risk of loosening the components.

In a rare occurrence, the bond used to secure the bone can result in the involuntary movement of the joint and create inflammation. Experienced orthopedic surgeons are skillfully prepared for this potential by being precise with bonding the joint and using techniques that have been pioneered through proficiency and practice. Hip replacements are less vulnerable to any excess movement due to the usage of the membrane which helps to keep the joint in place.

One of the most-leading orthopedic surgeons in Western Australia is Dr. Greg Finch. His specialties include spinal surgery, cervical and disc replacement, as well as having extensive experience in minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Greg Finch has been a member of the North American Spine Society since 2010, and he is affiliated with Sunshine Coast Private Hospital at Buderim.

Dr. Greg Finch has provided a wealth of knowledge to his peers while participating in programs throughout Germany, and the United Kingdom. Dr. Greg Finch is well-respected among his peers, and patients look to him as a person of expertise, precision and knowledge, when it comes to their orthopedic needs.