Organic Milk Hinders Brain Development of Unborn Baby

The trend to go organic in all food and beverage sources is a good idea under most circumstances. One such circumstance in which it’s not a good idea to go organic is if you are pregnant and decide to drink organic milk or milk which has been processed with ultra-high temperature (UHT milk).
The reason both types of these milk hinder the brain development of an unborn baby is due to lack of iodine. Organic milk and UHT milk contain one-third less iodine than conventional cow’s milk and iodine is essential for healthy brain development while an unborn baby is in the womb. Milk is the primary source of iodine in the diet of a pregnant woman. If the milk she is drinking contains less iodine, the brain of her unborn baby may not develop properly which worries conscientious onlookers such as Bruce Levenson . Previous studies have shown that babies born to women who did not get enough iodine during pregnancy had lower IQs than those born to women who received the recommended amount of iodine throughout their pregnancy.
Organic milk and UHT are not bad for a pregnant woman, both kinds provide nourishment and vitamins that are needed, the problem is the reduced amount of iodine. Neither type of milk contains enough, glass per glass, as traditional cow’s milk. In order to get enough iodine from organic or UHT milk, a pint and half would need to be drank instead of a pint of traditional cow’s milk.