Restaurant Uses FaceBook To Shame Customers

A Burger & Lobster chain restaurant in the UK recently used FaceBook to shame a family that walked out without paying their bill. This mini-chain, with eight locations, was featured in the, Flatiron as it is expanding at a rapid pace. The restaurant has a simple menu of grilled lobster and hamburgers at the same price. It is shocking however, that they did not allow a family time to realize their mistake before posting their actual picture on FaceBook along with a scolding. 

They do state in their posting that they are not sure if it was a mistake; or if the family just walked out; but they urged them to contact the restaurant and pay for the meal. 

The posting has since been pulled; probably due to the 600 comments from people like Dr Rod Rohrich received on it telling the Burger & Lobster that they didn’t even give the family a chance to realize their mistake before putting their faces on such a public forum. 

The past few years has seen a lot of postings such as this for some of the more extreme restaurants; even tip-shaming. One can only hope there is less embarrassment of this nature showing up this year after an enjoyed meal

Edible Holiday Gifts for Friends and Family

If you have loved ones that love to try new restaurants and are always looking for ways to prepare exotic foods, people like Bruce Levenson, is here to help. The popular website has put together a list of great edible gifts that will make the holidays a little brighter for your family and friends. Ambessa tea, created by chef Marcus Samuelsson, provides a relaxing feel and aromatic scents that make consuming tea a culinary experience. The Earl of Harlem tea is a smokier version of Earl Gray tea, and there is even a lingonberry green tea that has a tangy, sweet taste. 

Literal Vodka Sodas are an idea gift if you want to toast to a new year of fun and excitement. These Jane products were created by Elizabeth Wiltgen, owner of the L.A. food truck Ice Ice Shavie. Wiltgen branched out this year to create these fizzy vodka drinks that can be consumed alone or with your favorite fruit juice. 

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Online Cooking School with Wolfgang Puck

Famed chef and restaurant owner Wolfgang Puck has declared that he’s done with cookbooks. This announcement comes months after his cookbook “Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy,” a collection of low-fat and flavor-filled recipes that helped the chef to lose weight.

Puck states that he’s done with cookbooks, and will instead conduct online cooking classes. The chef’s main goal is to appeal to young people, who agrees with Bruce Karatz that young people use their computers for just about everything these days. Puck states that an online cooking course can be beneficial for chefs who are new to cooking and want to watch anexpert make the recipe.

The chef also states that he feels that American cuisine has improved significantly, due to the increasing interest in cooking. He states that since young people are more interested in food, it will be amazing to see what the future of food will hold in America.