Omar Yunes Reshapes Customer Service In Hospitality

Omar Yunes is a serial entrepreneur. The experienced franchiser bagged the international franchise of the world award in 2015. Consequently, he was awarded in an event that was held in Italy. Omar Yunes was competing against more than 25 nominees. This reflects the complexities of the competition. The Mexican entrepreneur managed to bag the award because of his skills in service delivery. As the owner of 10% of the Sushi Itto restaurants, Omar Yunes has been exuding excellent leadership skills since he founded the franchise. Yunes started the business in 2000. This was a major turning point in his life as he has been successful since then. Operating from Mexico City to Veracruz and Puebla, it is clear that Omar Yunes understands the roles of a leader in a ever-transforming industry.

Background Information

Omar Yunes had special interest in the food industry since time immemorial. His accomplishments are appended to this passion. In 2016, Omar received recognition as the leading franchisee in the world. The competition had 30 nominees across the globe. Aside from winning this award, he bagged the award at a country level. The inception of the award highly relied on Omar’s ability to run the business in the most competitive manner. Omar Yunes represented his country in the competition that involved Portugal, Argentina and France, among others and more


Omar Yunes got into the food industry business at a young age. His understanding of the ropes involved in handling customers is impressive. This factor played a pivotal role in awarding him. Omar has since been instrumental in developing the 13 franchise units in Mexico City. His contribution to the industry was highlighted in the category of nominees. He has always worked towards achieving excellence thanks to his focus and determination to motivate employees at work. As such, Omar believes in team work and participation. He is of the opinion that a company better succeeds under proper management and leadership, two values that he highly upholds. For Omar Yunes, Sushi Itto has a lot to project in terms of service delivery. Perhaps his commitment played a key role in making him the winner of the franchise.