Restaurant Uses FaceBook To Shame Customers

A Burger & Lobster chain restaurant in the UK recently used FaceBook to shame a family that walked out without paying their bill. This mini-chain, with eight locations, was featured in the, Flatiron as it is expanding at a rapid pace. The restaurant has a simple menu of grilled lobster and hamburgers at the same price. It is shocking however, that they did not allow a family time to realize their mistake before posting their actual picture on FaceBook along with a scolding. 

They do state in their posting that they are not sure if it was a mistake; or if the family just walked out; but they urged them to contact the restaurant and pay for the meal. 

The posting has since been pulled; probably due to the 600 comments from people like Dr Rod Rohrich received on it telling the Burger & Lobster that they didn’t even give the family a chance to realize their mistake before putting their faces on such a public forum. 

The past few years has seen a lot of postings such as this for some of the more extreme restaurants; even tip-shaming. One can only hope there is less embarrassment of this nature showing up this year after an enjoyed meal

Butter at $49/lb!

Would you use Animal Farm Butter?

While butter that comes straight from the farm is desirable, the cost of such a luxury can often be more than what one can afford. Would you use butter that costs $49 per pound? If you say yes you need an appointment with Dr. Daniel Amen. Did you know that Animal Farm Butter is $49 per pound? It must be some damn good butter, to carry that price tag. Chef Thomas Keller swears by Animal Farm butter and it seems to on its way to earning the title of “The Most Awesome Butter in the Country.” 

Diane St. Clair is the maker of Animal Farm Butter. Her farm is in Orwell, Vermont and she has been making butter for more than 10 years. She has Jersey Cows and cultures their cream from buttermilk also made on the farm. It is then churned by hand until it becomes a deep yellow, then it is kneaded to work out fat. 

This butter is made from the months of September to June. They produce about 100 pounds of butter each week. Animal Farm butter can be found only at No. 9 Park, French Laundry, Per Se and Saxelby Cheesemongers. 

Believe it or not it really does cost $49 per pound and it comes in a sealed Ziploc. It might be hard to decide if spending such a large amount of money is worth it, but all the hype makes one wonder what it tastes like.

New Version of Band Aid Proves Controversial

A number of celebrities and politicians have quickly turned against the charitable Band Aid 30 single, which features a rewritten version of Do They Know It’s Christmas in aid of Ebola victims on the African continent. A number of those who appear on the recording and those who chose not to be involved have claimed the lyrics of the single are inappropriate and do not reflect the reality of life on the African continent.

The single has sold over 312,000 copies in its first week on sale in the UK and was masterminded by Sir Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, who were responsible for the original version, The Daily Telegraph reports. Singer Emilie Sande, who features on the recording, has called for the lyrics to be rewritten to be more appropriate to the realities of life in Africa. Sande claims she and others recorded different lyrics that were not featured in the final version of the song.

Other celebrities have chosen to explain why they chose not to take part in the recording, according to Keith Mann, they include singer Lily Allen who stated she donated money after feeling there was a smugness to appearing on the latest version of the Christmas classic. Politicians and financial experts have chosen to condemn the song as it makes it appear Africa is a single country and not a continent filled with very different cultures and people, a feeling many have criticized the song for.

The World’s Largest Chocolate Makers Say Cocoa Production Is Way Down

Chocolate Lovers Beware! We Might Be Running Out Of Chocolate!

Our parents always told us we were eating too much chocolate, and it appears they were right. Two large chocolate makers, Barry Callebaut and Mars Inc., claim that cocoa farmers are producing less cocoa than the world is consuming. Cocoa deficits have been piling up for the last fifty years, and they are expected to grow according to the experts. This is terrifying news for chocoholic Igor Cornelsen.
Several issues are creating cocoa deficits. First, almost every country in the world loves chocolate. Next, the Chinese keep buying more and more chocolate, and dark chocolate, which contains a lot more cocoa, is on the rise around the globe. A regular chocolate bar contains ten percent cocoa, but a dark chocolate bar contains seventy percent.
Another issue, and probably the most important one, is the supply issue. West Africa’s dry weather is changing the dynamics of cocoa farming. More than seventy percent of the world’s cocoa is produced in Ghana and the Ivory Coast,and a fungus disease has wiped out thirty to forty percent of the global cocoa production.
Research teams in Africa are trying to cure production issues by developing trees than produce more cocoa beans than typical plants. But that fix could impact the great chocolate taste that got us into this delightful mess in the first place.