QNET RYTHM Foundation Project

In the country of Tajikistan children with disabilities are discriminated against and kept at home. There are few educational opportunities for children with this label. This is changing because of The RYTHM Foundation a nonprofit organization that helps children with special needs and QNET a direct selling company with meaningful products.

They are working with the Association of Disabled Children to give the children a better future. A day care center was established in 2006. About 75 children attend the school and QNET and The RYTHM Foundation help fund the project and find qualified staff. The school is named Taarana. They are working to help disabled children in different countries around the world.

During March and early April the Rythm Foundation had a campaign called the Positive Thought Project. For every 1,000 positive thoughts posted on their Facebook Page QNET would donate one red HomePure seven stage water filter system to three locations. They would donate to Taarana, Malaysia, and the Rashid Centre located in UAE for disabled children.

The contest was a chance to provide clean water to disadvantage children in different countries in the world. The HomePure Water Filtration System sold by QNET has seven stages. It is designed to provide clean, safe, and healthy water for everyone. Most water has pollution of some type and these systems help make water safe in different parts of the world. They only made about 1,000 red units and are giving them to special causes.

The HomePure system has a sediment filter that blocks rust and sediment. It has a carbon filter for screening out chlorine and chemicals. Carbon ceramic balls reduce odors and bad taste. It has many special features that keep water clean and healthy. It is sold in 90 countries.

QNET sells many purposeful products like air purifiers, vitamins, extracts, supplements, skin care products, makeup, watches, jewelry and more. They have online educational courses and travel clubs.

Philip Diehl Gives His Opinion On U.S. Currency Profits

Something many of us fail to consider when discussions on the U.S. economy take place is the cost of producing the money we take for granted in our pockets. PR Newswire is reporting details of an appearance made by U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl on the CNBC morning show”Squawk Box” with host Andrew Ross Sorkin. The appearance of the U.S. Money Reserve President coincided with the latest calls for certain coins to be removed from circulation within the U.S.; one of the most popularly discussed ideas is for the penny or nickel to be removed from circulation.

Philip Diehl has been working with the U.S. Money Reserve since leaving his position with the U.S. Federal Government, where he was an important figure in planning the future of the U.S. economy. Many of the most important figures within the U.S. Money Reserve have a long history of working within the U.S. economy, but now provide their skills to assist members of the public with the best options in precious metals investments. The U.S. Money Reserve specializes in providing their clients with options for purchasing government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins; to make sure the individuals who purchase these coins have the best options available the company employs a team of researchers and metals specialists to guarantee the coins investments are made in.

The view given by Philip Diehl on “Squawk Box” was the penny no longer has enough use for the high cost of its zinc based production. The U.S. Money Reserve President explained the use of cash has fallen to around 25 percent of the total transactions completed in the U.S. economy, which means the $105 million per year cost of creating the penny can no longer be absorbed. Diehl believes the discontinuing of the penny would be a positive for the U.S. economy if retailers round their sales prices down to reduce the need for the penny to be used in daily transactions.

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Jon Urbana’s Accomplishments And Achievements In Creativity And Business

Achieving Great Results

The world needs talented people, and in this article we will be covering the greatest achievements of one of the world’s most talented business minds and creative individuals. His name is Jon Urbana. He has been involved in some of the most successful business ventures, including sports training on Twitter and laser development. This is not all. His wide range of talents and successful achievements also include his works in photography, videography and music. To top it all off, Jon Urbana has received great praise and recognition as a pilot. This article is meant to highlight some of his greatest achievements in these diverse fields.

The Business Achievements Of Jon Urbana

His work in creating sports training programs was inspired by his achievements as an athlete. Jon Urbana was involved in lacrosse for many years. Then, he decided to join forces with others in order to train youth athletes in lacrosse. They started their training program in Colorado, and the program seriously helps the athletes as well as the community that holds the programs. Jon eventually went on to more business ventures as the lacrosse program continued to run. He currently is the Head of Business in a company that deals with laser programing.

Aviation Achievements From FAA

The FAA judges pilots based on a variety of criteria, and they present their recognition to the airmen that exceed these standards. Their recognition is above par with the standards of the rest of the world. Jon Urbana has achieved such greatness in recognition from the FAA, and he continues to strive for perfection in his aviation career, just as he has with Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc, his popular GoFundMe drive.

Creativity In Jon Urbana’s Life And Accomplishments

Jon Urbana is also focusing his energy on his music, photography and video production. Some of his photos are on display at Imgur, such as Earth Temple.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

He creates a type of electronic music that he releases on Soundcloud. He has built up quite a following on MTV by mixing with other artists’ music and creating his own unique style of music. He releases his photos on Instagram, and his videos are some of the most exquisite and insights pieces online.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Donald Trump Loves Latinos

The truth is finally out, Donald Trump loves Latinos. Well, that is what he claimed in his speech on the border this week as he visited Laredo to address concerns about the border. Trump is not one to hold anything back, and he made it clear about everything that he has said about illegal Mexicans over the past few weeks.

He began by saying that there is a serious problem here at the border, where illegals are simply walking into the country in alarming numbers. He noted that those illegals that rape, kill, and sell drugs, are the ones he is targeting, and the way to stop them is by tightening up the borders. Trump says that he has thousands of Latinos working for him, that he thinks they are hard working, friendly, and would love the opportunity to become legal citizens. James Dondero agrees on Trumps statements.

Trump again stated that those who come here from Mexico to do harm will not stop until something drastic is done. Trump said the politicians in the White House are making it a challenge for border patrol to get the job done. The town requested Trump come and speak, then they are told by the politicians to keep quiet and now will not talk to Trump. Trump feels that he is the man to do the job, and that if anyone thinks for a second Hillary Clinton will make a change, they are mistaken. He reminded the crowd she has been the worst Secretary of State in history.

Hats Off to You Mr. President!

President Obama announced a new demonstration project that will bring free or low cost broadband to over 200,000 families in public or subsidized housing, reported Uplifting News. The new project called Connect Home offers a chance for students of low income families to have the same advantages to study as other students once they come home with access to the internet for research. Bringing the project about is the duty of HUD, and it is doing so with very little federal funding.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is partnering with eight major internet providers to bring their services to residents of HUD sponsored housing. Susan McGalla will be a part of this too. Big name electronic retailers, through their own funding are offering technical training to the residents, and they are also kicking in with large cash donations. At this point in the project, only 28 demonstration communities are eligible for the service to help HUD find the solutions to bring it to all those who live in public housing. Planning continues to add it to assisted living communities as well in the future reports The Hill.

You have to take your hat off to President Obama because he has moved some mountains, and brought about some very fine things for low income and middle class Americans in his time in office. Hats off Mr. President, and thank you.

North American Spine Featured on Good Morning Texas

North American Spine’s AccuraScope procedure is a procedure that helps treat patients with back and neck pain without major surgery. When it comes to pain, every patient’s situation is different. Dr. Basem, a pain specialist with North American Spine, will evaluate a patient based on their symptoms to find a diagnosis that will be most effective and be as minimally invasive as possible. His patients recognize him as a professional and compassionate.

North American Spine doctors in Dallas perform the AccuraScope procedure. It is a minimally invasive spine surgery that is typically over in under an hour. The procedure uses a tiny laser. It is recommended that the procedure is used for patients with issues related to the tissue. Immediately after the procedure, the majority of patients feel free from pain and are able to go back to work during the same week.

Currently there have been over 8,000 procedures performed by North American Spine physicians who have specialty training and are board-certified. According to medical research, the procedure offers patients an 82 percent success rate. It also helps patients save more than $23,000 in medical costs.

North American Spine doctors have specialty training in Neurosurgery, Interventional Pain Management, and Orthopedic Spine Surgery. They also are spine experts. The procedure uses tiny incisions to offer a minimally invasive surgery to alleviate a patient’s pain with as little invasive means as possible.

This subject of this article was originally reported in PR Newswire: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/north-american-spines-accurascope-procedure-featured-on-good-morning-texas-wfaa-300109765.html