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Usually most people have about five dreams every night but have no memory of any of them mostly. A team of experts and researchers, however, discovered a pattern in the brain’s activity that reveals when one dreams and also identify the content of the dream. According to Francesca Sicalri, there is a part at the back of the brain that was more active in the test subjects when they dreamt.

The patterns of this part of the brain also revealed whether the dream involved movement or if a face was included. This according to the researchers is part of the nature of neuroscience. The revelations went ahead to show that dreams occurred during rapid eye movement and absence of the same. In addition, there were instances during deep sleep where n dream occurred completely.

These results were obtained after the researchers involved 32 sleeping individuals where they monitored their electrical brain activity during that period. The bottom line from the research is that during sleep the brain crisis crosses between the unconscious and dreaming which some researchers prefer to think of as conscious.

About Clay Siegall

Clay B Siegall is the CEO and co-founder of Seattle Genetics in 1998. He also chairs the company’s board. His company was built out of a genuine passion to help patients, participate in scientific innovations and ensure appropriate drug development practices. Most of the company’s achievements have been realized through rigorous and dedicated research work.

Dr. Siegall is a passionate and trained scientist with a bias in developing cancer therapies. He has successfully steered his company towards become one of the most respected cancer research centers in the world. His company has collaborated with different stakeholders to realize this goal as seen by its 2011 FDA approval.