The Growth of Clay Hutson’s Career

How do you chose the business that you are supposed to do? Well, many people will say based on the returns of a business. When this is not misinformed because money is a crucial factor in survival, it is important to consider your passion when choosing your career. Clay Hutson is among the individuals who are lucky to be earning from their passion.

Clay Hutson has always been passionate about music from his tender age. Hutson is an alumnus of Central Michigan University, where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in theatre design. He later attended Stephen M. Ross School of Business, where he advanced his studies by acquiring a master’s degree in business administration. After school, he got a chance to work with many entertainment companies where he served different roles. Despite the many chances that Clay Hutson had to work in the corporate entertainment and travel with Billy Graham’s sound team, he chose his music career. Hutson is particular with the rock and roll.

Clay Hutson is currently working as a Producer, Stage Manager. He is living his dream as he is working with some of the most successful musicians in the world. Some of them include Kid Rock, Pink, and Kelly Clarkson. Hutson also enjoys crafting objects and woodworking. When he is not caught up with his business issues, he spends time with his family.

The hardest part of every business is selling your products. Some companies take longer to become profitable than others. It is worthwhile to note that Clay Hutson lost his job after his employer succumbed to the tough financial crisis in the state. He saw this as a sign to own up and become his boss, and begin his company. He says it was a hard time for the country and it took him time to become profitable. He, however, chose to believe in his skills and dreams. He eventually began making profits with hard work.

Like any other investor, Clay Hutson faced challenges that made him doubt his credibility in the business. He says that he was subcontracting for a client and a production company. There were major disagreements between the client and the firm. The client decided they did not need the services of the company but was still interested in Hutson’s services. This ended up badly as the firm sued him, and he ended up parting with $150000. This was a big blow at the time, but he finally got past the ugly ordeal. Learn more: