Palatial By Some Standards

The epitome of a location dreamland, the New York City real estate is hot, even by hell’s standards! Finding an apartment in this architectural kaleidoscope of old-meets-new, there are many factors to consider, and just as many options. The fact remains, however, there is no time for ambivalence and lollygagging. Apartments sell and lease in seconds, over the phone, online and the very antiquated in-person. The hardest thing about finding a place in such a super hot market is finding a firm that can show you some of the best this city has to offer. Much is missed by choosing the wrong real estate firm, and this is sadly not fully realized until it is too late.

There are a host of other considerations for those looking to buy or lease in this wildly competitive market. It is far too much for those unaware of the nuances of the absolute plethora of neighborhoods in New York to handle on their own. The most important things is to adjust your expectations on what kind of space you are going to get for your money. One million dollars may get you 10,000 square feet in a Houston suburb, but you are lucky it will get you 1,000 square feet in Manhattan. A few thousand dollars a month might get you a studio for lease in a doorman building, or if you want to forego the doorman, you might be able to get a one bedroom in a decent neighborhood. Residents of micro-apartments might find the space one can get in Manhattan palatial, but they are about the only ones! Real estate agents can help you find what you need.

One of New York’s premiere real estate firms, TOWN Real Estate has a talented staff of seasoned agents, each with several years experience. Focusing on sales, leasing and marketing, they continually work to redefine standards in this very competitive industry. In a city where the fires of this market are made hotter by constant turnover, finding talented professionals who can cleverly capitalize on such factors, and find esoteric options for discerning clients, is what separates them from the rest. In this city where demand completely dwarfs supply many times over, it is senseless to work with an agent who does not have much experience. Finding a firm that can help is absolutely imperative.

Agents become a sort of city tour guide. You need to know how to get around, where the gyms are, what the neighborhood is like at night, how far from the express subway lines is it, and a host of other considerations they can acquaint you with. Agents can help you focus on what is important, and also draw your attention to where compromise is going to be necessary. When handled correctly, word-of-mouth advertising and comeback business are the natural byproducts, so agents work hard to meet clients needs. Seek out some help, which will ultimately serve to help you set out to make living in New York the greatest experience of your life.