How Is AI Progressing With Help From Companies Like Slyce?

Slyce is a image recognition engine that was created by its founders to search shopping websites around the world using pictures. The technology is based on a simple form of AI that allows shoppers to get real-time results for all their searches. AI has many challenges ahead of it, but a recent article in the Deccan Herald highlights many advancements that include simple web apps. This article explains why apps like Slyce are such a big leap forward for the image recognition technology.

#1: AI Has A Poor Image Among Some

AI has come to mean any killer machine that could take over the world with its powers. Two cars powered by AI fought each other on Knight Rider, and many of the new supervillain robots in the movies are powered by AI. AI is a much simpler concept today, and it is merely a way for a computer program to think for itself. Web apps like Slyce offer better customers because of the AI involved.

#2: What Is Slyce All About?

Slyce is a brilliant piece of software that searches the web for outposts where an item may be purchased. The visual search tool uses a form of AI to provide as many results as possible, and the program makes a decision about how the items should be presented to the shopper. Slyce is a basic form of AI that will not take over the world, but it helps people find things they really want to purchase.

#3: Why Is Slyce Groundbreaking?

Slyce is groundbreaking because it takes the waiting out of shopping. Shoppers once spent eons looking for a specific item, and every shopper was left in a lurch when they ran out of places to look. The Internet offers infinite possibilities, and Slyce covers all those possibilities in just a few moments. The results are organized by the program, and everyone wins.

#4: Slyce Is The Beginning Of AI

Slyce is the beginning of what will be even more advanced AI products in the future. AI could be used to create programs that offer real-time advice, or it could be used in the medical industry. Scientists are constantly working on the kinks, and AI will become a greater part of the technology industry every day.

AI is not at the heart of a killer robot in today’s world. AI is used to provide better service through technical applications that make life simpler.