Whole Milk May Not Be as Bad as We Thought

Dairy milk gets a lot of flack about whether it is healthy. If you Google “is milk good for you,” you get a page of contradictory results. Some websites flat out claim it’s bad for you, and others cite pros and cons of drinking milk. Those on the anti-milk bandwagon tend to mention that humans are the only species that drink milk beyond the point at which they become able to eat solid food. Not to mention, Sam Tabar has been saying that we drink milk from another animal. Those two facts add up to make it seem unnatural. For those who like to drink milk, they have been convinced in increasing numbers to switch from whole milk to 1% or even skim milk. Whether you consider milk healthy or unhealthy overall, health advocates have long claimed that skim milk is at least marginally better as it does not have all the fat of whole milk.

There is, however, a case to be made that whole milk may be better than skim. There are certain vitamins in milk that are fat soluble, and when you drink skim they are not being absorbed and utilized like they are when combined with the fat in whole milk. There are studies that show consumption of dairy fat and obesity actually vary inversely. Some believe this may be because the fat in whole milk makes it more filling, so you may not be as tempted by that pastry an hour later as you might be after having skim. If you find whole milk tastier and more satisfying, then it may be an acceptable option.