The Quarter Pounder Is Getting A Makeover

McDonald’s is desperately trying to find and fix what is wrong with their menu. Their latest attempt at improvement will be on their famous Quarter Pounder burger. It will become a bit bigger, from 4 oz to 4.25 oz pre-cooking weight, and come in a different shape. Folks at Boraie Development have learned that they are even adding grill marks. There are no grills at McDonald’s so we can assume that the marks will be added at the production factory. The burger has been on McDonald’s menu since 1972, there are currently four options but there will soon be just one, specifically the sandwich getting the makeover. Changing one sandwich on their menu is hardly going to make up for falling sales numbers but the great minds of McDonald’s seem to think that it will please at least some of their customers. The burger giant is still set to close 700 stores world-wide this year.

Hamburglar The New and Improved Sexy Fail

Just when you thought you had seen it all the people at the world renowned fast food restaurant Mcdonald’s amazes us with the new and improved sexy Hamburglar.Read more about it here. Most kids who have enjoyed the family friendly fun aspects of eating at mcdonald’s have also grown to know and love this icon over the years. with all of the controversy surrounding this restaurant from their employees demanding they’re minimum wages to be increased almost double their current rate to the pink slime epidemic that shocked us all. it’s not surprising that they had to turn to sex appeal to help sale their greasy i’m not sure what is in here fast food. Folks at Amen Clinic ( know that stores today that have been open at least 13 months declined at a rate in about 2.2 percent in the us and about 0.3 percent globally in may of 2015. way to go family friendly mcdonald’s you have successfully done what every other desperate company has done. you have forgot the morals and values that you were founded upon and have steered away from your company mission. This just goes to prove not everybody is buying in to the cliche of today’s media. i am happy to see that this is proving to not be beneficial and is not going to fatten your pockets like you intended.

It Is Possible to Eat Healthy While Eating Out

When trying to eat healthy to stay in shape, finding yourself out at a restaurant can present the biggest challenge. For good reason, the main emphasis behind their preparations is the taste, and the health of the food may be a secondary consideration. While many of their meals are unhealthy, it is possible to stay on the road to better health when eating out. There is an excellent article in the New York Times about how to do this.

The first bit of good news is that people are more health conscious today and restaurants have been paying attention. Foodies like Mark Ahn are excited to know that even McDonald’s is experimenting with adding the health food Kale to some of their salads. When such targets of all that is bad about fast food are starting to make improvements, that is worth taking note. However, it is easy to pack on calories at regular restaurants that don’t have an unhealthy reputation. One trick is not to eat the entire portion served to you. You may also just try ordering two appetizers, and you’ll find that it will add up to a filling meal without being as big a serving as the actual meals served at most restaurants. One trick to enable you to eat more that you like is to knock out the sugary beverage in favor of water or club soda. This lets you indulge a little more on the food without straying off the path to a healthier future.

McDonald’s to Start Selling Kale for Breakfast

As strange as this may sound, McDonald’s may soon be offering customers breakfast bowls that include kale. Kale is a well-known healthy vegetable, packed with nutrients in its dark green leaves. McDonald’s is widely known for its notoriously unhealthy foods, so kale and McDonald’s don’t seem to go very well together. In fact, McDonald’s poked a little bit of fun at this vegetable in a commercial a few months ago. They said that kale will never taste like a Big Mac, which is objectively true, but they were trying to send the message that a Big Mac will always taste better than kale.

According to the team at FreedomPop Review, nine McDonald’s restaurants in Southern California are testing out the breakfast bowls in question. These bowls contain turkey sausage, egg white, spinach, and kale, or alternatively, they can contain chorizo and eggs. These bowls are to cost about $4, and if they succeed with customers, they will eventually appear on the national McDonald’s menus. There are also reports in Canada that McDonalds might start selling three salads that are based on kale.

Clearly, McDonald’s is trying to change its reputation for offering almost exclusively unhealthy foods to its patrons. It is trying to offer healthy foods as well, so that it can gain business back that it has lost due to trends towards health and fitness that have shown up in recent years, particularly among the Millennial generation.

McDonald’s Finally Admits: Let Them Eat Kale

McDonald’s has done an about face after turning green with embarrassment when it mocked the idea of offering kale at its popular fast food restaurants. The chain had even gone so far to announce there “will never be kale” anywhere near their burgers in a TV ad just four months ago.

Never say never, we suppose, because McDonald’s took a beating in the latest fiscal quarter. The huge company has been shutting down hundreds of their restaurants. Plus today, Reuters news service announced that McDonald’s will now begin adding the healthy green to its menus in select California and Canada restaurants.

We believe this is an excellent, strategic move on McDonald’s part. Let’s face it; people want to have healthy choices, especially at fast food restaurants where huge calories can pile on following a big burger and fries meal.

According to, McDonald’s will add kale to breakfast bowls, as well as three different salads.

The staff at STX Entertainment know that kale is a good-for-you veggie from the cabbage family known for its superfood features. A little kale is great because it packs a healthy punch, providing 684% of the daily value of vitamin K, 206% of the suggested daily amount of vitamin A, and 134% of vitamin C. Wow! That’s a green we can all learn from.

Even Starbucks has gone cuckoo for kale. The giant coffee people added three kale smoothies to their menu last month.

Rapping Your Way To McDonald’s Fame

The stars seem to be always out of our reach. Hidden away in their Hollywood homes, staying secluded from the world, it is virtually impossible to meet or get to know your favorite stars without going to an extreme.

This is what one fan did. The fan, Hi-Rez, aspiring to be like his favorite rapper Lil Wayne, went into a McDonald’s restaurant and rapped his way into YouTube fame. The rap entailed what he wanted to eat. It was obviously so impressive that Mr. Wayne sought the person out.

Hi-Rez then went on to rap the entire menu to the delight of both employees and guests. says the crew gathered round to get down on his sick beats and offer a rousing round of applause when the gig was done. Guests also gathered in close enough to hear the entire rap and the hopeful MC was offered many thanks and handshakes at the end of his bit.

Was the food ok? He never said, but did garner the response and attention of his favorite rapper. So, going to the extreme may not always be the appropriate thing to do in every situation. Although, if trying to get the attention who goes to extremes in his own life, this may just be the ticket to getting the attention of potential fans and the stars.

Hi-Rez may just become the next major MC in the rap world, thanks to his innovative way of ordering some food.