Adam Milstein Advocate Of Semitic Rights

Adam Milstein recently reported on developments in the attempts by radical Muslims to delegitimize Israel, the historic homeland of the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism has been a constant presence of the extreme right over the years. Recently North America along with Europe has turned a blind eye to the efforts of radical Muslims and their ideology. Adam Milstein states that the ignorance of radical Muslims convictions superiority of Islamic around has created a failure in the distinguished rent between mainstream and radical Muslims.

Adam Milstein has stated that in this light, Israel is viewed as an oppressor of Muslim ideology and is blamed continuously as the source of most problems in the Middle East. This political alliance has been typified by the organizer of women’s Mark on Washington DC Linda Sarsour. This alliance is the political left is growing. To illustrate the recent trend rallies in Chicago that had been created to help celebrate the LGBT communities expelled three people for displaying their Jewish heritage by placing stars of David on their pride flags.

This is led to a strange alliance between Islamic radicals and radical leftists. This comes along with a history of extreme Islamic nationalists collaborating with oppressors of Judaism. For example the cooperation between the grand movie of Jerusalem during the reign of Adolf Hitler.

Perhaps what is most alarming about the recent rise of anti-Semitism is how this controversial ideology has begun to enter the mainstream culture’s vernacular. As radical Muslims are continuing to focus on the delegitimization of Israel the historic homeland of the Jewish people they continue to instigate racist ideologies. By strengthening their allegiance with the radical left, they hope to destroy Western values of freedom and democracy and tolerance. This growth of anti-Semitic sentiment particularly on college campuses not only threatens the ideology of those who reside in America but the future of people with Jewish heritage around the world.

Adam Milstein along with his wife Gila have cofounded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This organization hopes to sponsor the education of students and young professionals around the world and to help those identify with their Jewish heritage and encourage their Jewish pride along with advocation for the rights of the state of Israel and Jewish people as a whole.

The RealReal Continues its Highly Successful Popup Sales Outlets in 2018

Declaring 2018 the year of the popup, luxury consignor The RealReal is building upon its retail outlet success in New York City by increasing its number of popups nationwide.

Allison Sommer, the firm’s marketing director explains that having a street level presence legitimizes the brand.

The company’s 2016 popup in New York City drew in $2 million in sales, Somers additionally noted that the order size of in store purchases is 6 fold that of the average online purchase.

Popups increase the brand’s awareness among consumers. A fact that is supported by the 500 percent increase in sales to bay area customers following their 2 month popup in San Francisco last November.

It’s a proven process comments Somers that once someone walks into the retail outlet they get absorbed by the atmosphere and become luxury loyalists.

CEO Julie Wainwright who has earned an iconic reputation within startup circles. Wainwright put The RealReal on its success path with boasting gross revenues upwards of $500 million. That’s not bad given the business was launched just 6 years ago. Today the company is positioned as one of the most rapidly expanding startups within the consignment space.

The RealReal was originally founded specializing in apparel sales. However, in 2016 the company generated $100 million in revenues from their expansion into fine jewelry and designer watches.

For their next popup, The RealReal is looking at Las Vegas with the idea of expanding geographically throughout the U.S. over 2018. Their rationale being to get a foothold in those markets where the customer base has not yet been exposed to the “popup frenzy” seen in metropolitan cities like Los Angeles and New York.

Having grown to 7 million members internationally, the firm places a premium on a customer first philosophy. This idea is expanded in their hiring practices which focus on acquiring talented sales staff that is less focused on commissions and more on customer satisfaction, bringing in high end experience from brands such as Gucci.

In answering the question as to what can be expected from the next phase of popups, Allison Sommer states that while they may not all have a flower shop and cafe, customers can expect The RealReal’s brand defining premium placed on expertise with gemologists and brand authentication experts on staff at the popups.