Treat of the Summer

There’s a French bakery in New York City that the team at and Brian Reifler agree is producing the best chocolate chip cookie in the area. In addition to other top-quality ingredients, the cookies contain sea salt and macadamia nuts, almonds, and walnuts to give the cookie a nutty crunch like nothing else that can be found in the city. These cookies are known for their crispy outside and soft, crumbly center–in essence, the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

This summer, the bakers at Maman’s are taking their cookie to a whole new level as they turn it into an ice cream sandwich. McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream will be sandwiched between two layers of the cookie that has had fans salivating for the last several years. There’s just one problem: this limited-edition summer treat will only be available on three days of the week, and only fifty of them will be made each day. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday might just be ice cream sandwich day in New York City this summer as the $7 treat’s popularity quickly increases. The perfect cookie surrounding ice cream that can’t be beat? It’s a treat that can’t be missed for New York City residents and anyone who happens to be in the area.

The ice cream sandwiches will be available starting at 2 pm on the days specified.