Eli Gershkovitch, Steamworks Craft Breweries CEO, and craft beers

There is nothing like an ice-cold Canadian craft beer to accompany and enhance any experience in life, whether it be dinner at the bar with the boys every Friday, or celebrating a wedding, or simply watching CSI or this week’s football game. Regardless of the event or timing, a craft beer is always a welcomed guest.

But what exactly is a Canadian craft beer? Quite simply, any beer is a craft beer if its origins are a small, independently-owned and operated traditional brewery.

If you’re new to the craft beer industry, start with Eli Gershkovitch’s craft beers. Gershkovitch has a degree in law and is a practicing attorney. Gershkovitch’s start in the craft brew industry can be traced back to 1987, when as a University of Toronto graduate Eli Gershkovitch started taste-testing beers and using his experiences to craft his own Canadian craft beer, read more.

While using his law skills to help clients with liquor licenses and other liquor-crafting and selling requirements, Gershkovitch got busy launching his own dream: he began with purchasing a 100 year old landmark building with a rarity for a heat source: steam. Gershkovitch’s plans included a steam-powered system for energy and heating, and with the purchase of the building complete, he launched his business: Steamworks Craft Breweries, see this.

Steamworks Craft Breweries is a locally and independently owned Canadian brewery that has claimed awards at 2017’s U.S. Open Beer Championship. Nestled in Gaston, Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Canadian Craft Beer Breweries features original brews that Eli created himself. In Canada you’ll find Eli Gershkovitch’s Canadian craft beers, which will provide you with a full experience of hand-crafted Canadian craft beers.

Eli Gershkovitch is slow, methodical, and thorough with the crafting of his line of Canadian craft beers, view here. He takes the time to tweak, tweak, and tweak again, then perfecting the final product before eventually and ultimately revealing his new brew to the public.

Today you’ll find Eli Gershkovitch continuing his work on perfecting his craft beers. He also uses his position and influence to host many events in Gaston, the historic downtown neighborhood of Vancouver. And when it comes to play, Eli Gershkovitch lets his passions drive and fly – literally, as he owns two planes and a substantial classic car collection.

Eli Gershkovitch’s immense talent and drive for perfection result in exquisite Canadian craft beers.

Learn more here on https://affiliatedork.com/eli-gershkovitch-congratulates-canadian-brewers-u-s-open-beer-championship-medals.