My Dog Gets Spoiled With Varieties Of Beneful

When I first bought my dog, Marco, I wasn’t sure what to feed him because I have never owned an animal before. I have owned small animals, like lizards and fish, but I know that a large dog requires a different type of attention. Marco was a big puppy when I bought him from the animal shelter last May. He was a sweet dog, and I knew that when I first saw him in the shelter that he would be the right dog for me. Something about his calm demeanor and personality really mixes with me well. He was a puppy, so I bought him the best and healthiest puppy food that I could find in the pet store. It was made by Beneful, which is by Purina. It was called Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food. The reason I bought that one instead of buying any of the many other puppy foods is because it is made with real chicken and other natural ingredients. Needless to say, he loved the puppy food, and he always cleaned his bowl. That bowl was licked dry when I would pick it up. I fed him often when he was a puppy, but he’s now on a strict feeding schedule since he is an adult dog. He eats his breakfast when I wake up and feed him in the morning time, so he’s always standing by my bedroom door. I can hear him panting heavily outside of my door before I come out of my room. He can probably smell the dog treats in my room. I keep Beneful Baked Delights in my dresser drawer to give him when I come out of my room. We always go for a walk before breakfast because it helps with digestion. Going for a brief ten to fifteen minute walk before eating a meal helps increase the metabolism of people and dogs. I like to think that I’m doing right for us, so I usually bring the Baked Delights with us on our walk. I usually buy the kind called Heartfuls because I like the name. We have also tried the Baked Delights called Hugs. My dog is really important to me. That is why I buy Beneful Chopped Blends. They have 20 different kinds of Chopped Blends on Facebook available at the pet store. We usually get the kind with chicken, rice and carrots because he loves it.