Best Lemonades to Try Out This Summer

Sam Tabar said that with the temperatures rising up all over the world, teas and coffees are disappearing from kitchens and are being replaced by cooler drinks. Lemonade is the best drink to beat the heat because it is refreshing, cool and tasty. It works wonders for the skin and also helps to keep people hydrated. While the classic lemonade is still great, some people might enjoy these alternatives –

Mango Lemonade – This simple lemonade makes use of the seasonal Mango fruit to give it that punch of sweetness and freshness. Also, it can be made it 15 minutes and has wonderful vitamins to go with it.

Watermelon Lemonade – Watermelon is an essential summer fruit because it is full of juices and water. Combine it with lemonade and you have a deliciously healthy beverage that the kids can enjoy.

Diabetic Lemonade – Just because someone is diabetic doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy the sweet freshness of lemonade this summer. This recipe is sweetened with Splenda and the lemon juice is sans carbs.

Basil Lavender Lemonade – This lemonade has fresh herbs like basil and lavender that work beautifully with the tang of lemon. The recipe doesn’t result in a lemonade that is too sweet or fragrant but has a little bit of everything.

The trick to combining different fruits with the classic lemonade is by going for what is fresh and seasonal. Adding some herbs also helps with the flavor.