Jeff Herman, Esquire: Though The Nightmares Never End, Gaining Restitution For His Clients

What a difference a day makes. Ditto for 365 days.. a quarter of a century.. and four decades, etc. In such spans of time entire lives may change, for better or for worse. In matters of the law it’s often said that the wheels of justice rotate extremely slowly.. that Lady Justice is blind in the court house. Or perhaps the answer lies as Barry Levinson’s directorial commentary suggests “on the street the B**** got eyes” in his award worthy film ‘Sleepers’ starring Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, Kevin Bacon, among other Oscar level actors. But Jeff Herman, Esq.(esquire/attorney) gives credence to Hollywood’s #MeToo social media and beyond movement in the ultimate conviction of comedian Bill Cosby(B.C.). We are not the same America of yesteryear or preMalala of Pakistan or preJyotiSingh of India. We are more aware of malcreants’ modi operandi through global internet access and participation. We are less tolerant of individual mayhem through bravery of like souls. Civil litigation attorney Jeff Herman offers insight and partial resolution to institutionalized sexual abuse cases.

Money alone cannot heal. However it can provide access to modes of regaining a measure of health. Making the criminal pay financially also lends a level of mental peace, helps account for the inability to work at one’s full potential and sources opportunity to engage in activities that may help assuage the horrible, replaying images of the incident(s). Jeff takes humble pride in helping those exposed to horrendous criminal acts obtain a significant degree of justice and restitution, especially for the institutionally preventable occurrences.

Attorney Jeff Herman also brings to light the perspective of the victim. For instance, their recount may seem same sketchy, disjointed, even unbelievable. Sometimes this is due to the level of atrocity of the claims they’re detailing. Sometimes the incredulity is born of the lack of or gaps in presented details commonly acquired per the perpetrator’s act of incapacitating the victim through the use of illicit drugs. Similarly the victim feeling confused about his or her attack may even spend elective time around the presence of the predator afterwards trying to wrap their head around the possibility of this most egregious betrayal. Jeff Herman is keen to remind us that over 90% of sexual abuse victims encounter such destruction at the hands of someone they know on some level.

For instance in the case of Andrea Constand it is reported that B.C. invited her over to his home in her capacity regarding the women’s basketball team of his alma mater Temple University located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Let’s extend the interpretation. An attorney would want to know the particulars of how B.C. used those apparent connections to setup his dirty deeds. Did he phone her from a campus phone somewhat implying that he was in the presence of other Temple U. professionals during his invite? Did B.C. ever meet with her on campus under the guise of her Temple U. women’s basketball functions? Also what civil or criminal liabilities might B.C.’s wife hold regarding the matter? Perhaps his status as married allayed initial concerns of such an invite? Did B.C.’s wife make noises or conversation in the background of their phone call to make it appear like she would be present during their meeting? Were there ever any changes in their marital bed that would give a reasonable wife pause concerning his possible sexual activities aside from their own?

Most importantly where’s the justice in a perpetrator continuing to live a full life both after his offenses and after finally being convicted? Likewise where is the justice in such a monster keeping an estate versus losing all rights to any possessions for self and for spouse, family members, etc.? The past few years are not the first times some of B.C.’s 60 accusers have spoken up against him. The first serious attempts at justice occurred over 15 years ago during the early 1990’s. (?Mixup: Who else along with Andrea Constand has he attacked since then? He hasn’t always been 80.

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