Brad Reifler: Unparalleled Investment Innovation

Without a doubt, the financial professionals who achieve the highest levels of success in their profession use not only the knowledge and experience they have gained over the years, but also high levels of innovation. Whether that involves developing strategies for sales teams to use with clients or conducting research on world financial markets, it’s clear innovation goes a long way in achieving financial success. In today’s world of financial professionals, no one uses innovation better than Brad Reifler.

Having founded numerous financial services companies involving hedge fund management and other areas of financial services, Brad has proven that innovation and a willingness to try new ideas can take a company to the top and keep it there for many years. As the founder of Reifler Trading Company in the 1980s, it was there that Brad realized it would take a willingness to listen to new ideas and try new concepts in order to make his company successful. By becoming an expert in research, global derivatives and discretionary accounts, he made the company into one that was sought after by many larger companies with hopes of merging. Finally in 2000, Brad sold Reifler Trading Company to Refco, Inc., the world’s largest futures company.

Reuters postulates that in his role as CEO with his current company Forefront Capital, Brad has continued to use innovation as a way to keep his company ahead of the competition. Using innovative thinking to create a very differentiated product offering to clients, Brad works with some of the top investment bankers and business leaders the world over. Whether speaking with an economist with a worldwide reputation or consulting with board members from successful Fortune 500 companies, Brad has made it his mission to incorporate many different ideas into his companies in order to achieve unparalleled success for everyone involved.