Kabbalah Centres Reach Into the Community and Around the World

Kabbalah is not a religion, though it originated in the same era as the Jewish beliefs. Kabbalah is considered the world’s oldest spiritual wisdom, and it centers on spiritual principles that allow the individual to discover the joy that is in every person. Kabbalah is applied to the heart and soul, and the principles are the basis of the spirituality that leads the student to understand the spiritual nature of their life.Kabbalah is not taught as an academic course, but it is taught to help the individual to make better decidions in their own lives. The principles remove confusion, pain, and suffering as the student becomes more familiar with it. Kabbalah Centres provide a central location to study and learn Kabbalah.

First Kabbalah Centre

RavAshtag founded the first Kabalah Centre in 1922 in Isreal, and it became a place where interested people could study the ancient documents to learn the principles and the joy within. Kabbalah Centres have been established in 40 cities worldwide since 1922, and classes are held to study the ancient documents, monthly dinners are held for the students to meet, and the members participate in volunteering events in the community to help the people and to develop a giving attitude within the students.Kabbalah believes that there is joy in every human being, so instructors present the principles of Kabbalah for the student to apply to their own lives. Kabbalahists also believe every person is born with the potential for greatness, and as the students improve, the earth becomes a better place.

Online Kabbalah Centre and University

For those who don’t live near a Centre, the Kabbalah University and the Kabbalah Centre are now online, streaming from the L.A. Centre. They provide online classes, meditations, a centralized place to announce conferences and other Kabbalah events around the world.Kabbalah has always meant to be used in practical ways that lead to deeper understanding of yourself and the universe around you. For thousands of years, Kabbalah was only taught to elders and priests, but now with the Kabbalah Centres available, this wisdom is available to anyone who is interested.

What Is The Purpose Of The Kabbalah Centre?

The Kabbalah Centre is a place of seeking after the heart of God that floats among those walking the Earth. The organization is run by the Berg family, and they have offices around the world where scholars and seekers may enter for their own edification. Finding the heart and spirit of God is difficult, and there is quite a lot of study going into the art of Kabbalah Centre. This article explains how a life may change when Kabbalah is practiced for the first time.

#1: How Does The Kabbalah Centre Function?

The Centre is a place of great study and reverence, but it is not a church of any kind. There are helpers in every building who share information about the particular form of reading espoused by Kabbalah, and anyone who wishes to learn may enter with that intention. The words of the old texts become far more lively when they are seen through a new lens, and each new page of text has yet more to reveal to the reader.

#2: How Did The Centre Expand?

The Centre expanded in a natural way as the seekers of the world moved away from organized religion. Every organized church lost people who wished to seek God without the service, and the Kabbalah Centre opened with Karen and Phillip Berg explaining how they found God in reading, meditation and personal worship. The offices around the world have libraries, study coves and a place where anyone may learn something new about their world.

#3: How Does One Find God?

Finding God is not something a reader does on their first visit, and each new visit will feel as though it brings the reader closer to God. God is quite powerful in that he may manifest anywhere, and those who are true to the art will find him hidden in all the nooks and crannies of their readings.

Kabbalah helps uncover a world of the spirit that is not found in any other scholarly pursuit. The Centre was started as a way to help those who seek, and it does its work to this day in a peaceful manner.

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