USHEALTH Advisors Is Leading The Way For Others With A Message of Hope

Not everyone has the desire or ambition to be successful in business, but those who do, they are successful because they believed you have to work hard in order to be successful. You have to be willing to put the work in and to continue moving forward even after you have failed. What gives you an even bigger success is to know that you are a miracle above anything else.

If you want to be bigger and better, you have to put one foot in front of the other and keep on moving. One man who knows this all too well is Randy Hildebrandt. When you come from a large state such as Texas, you set the expectation of being big to a whole new meaning.

Randy spent most of his life looking up to the great Nolan Ryan. If you do not know who that is, he was a pitcher for a big baseball team who managed to have led to over 5,700 strikeouts throughout the 13 years that he was in the major leagues. He went on to retire from baseball in 1993. Read more on about US Health Advisors Salaries.

Randy worked hard to ensure that he was working hard, just like his idol did. When Randy knew he was meant to participate in bigger things, he went on to submit his resume to a select number of websites that were just starting to take off. It was shortly after the resume was uploaded that he received a call from a woman. It was this woman who showed him how to be successful in business.

After attending meeting after meeting and still not really understanding what he was doing or what he was trying to sell, he landed the advice he needed. After meeting with what he would call his mentor, he learned everything that he needed in order to be successful.

Randy is now a leader in the satellite division of USHEALTH advisors. After feeling as if he was only doing fine, Randy moved ahead and put faith in his decision to make the most out of his passion. After meeting with a man named Troy, Randy feel inspired to do great things.



Success Within USHealth

Randy Hildebrandt is a Satellite Division Leader for USHealth Advisors, and has been since 2012. Although to many this would be considered a career some would strive for, in his early years Randy had other dreams. With a 92 mph fastball, Randy was on the fast track to a college scholarship as a player. Sadly he blew out his shoulder in his last year playing for Anderson Shiro High in Anderson, Texas.

Randy looked up to “The King of The Hill” Nolan Ryan for motivation, as he made it through his shoulder injury. Looking up to someone with so many accolades only made Randy want to work harder to heal and be the best ball player he could possibly be. After making the team at Blinn College, Randy was struck by tragedy again as his shoulder went out on him. After much thought and consideration, he figured he would try another route and go back to school for business and economics. Visit  USHealth Advisor Agent for more info.

He saved up $2000 dollars around the time he graduated and also had his truck. Eventually he would find himself as the only person left in a presentation for a job, when his life would be changed forever. Sometimes good does come to those who wait as he was introduced to a mentor who would take him under his wing for the next 12 months selling insurance.

Randy learned the ins and outs of the business and continued even though he was on the brink of quitting and giving up. If he would have, he would have missed out on his current opportunity as well as the opportunity to be a part of HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday).

HOPE is run by agents of USHealth Advisors and it does a large amount of charity work and fundraising assistance for those in need. They don’t take it lightly as those involved go above and beyond to make every project a success and try to meet and exceed said goals. With a story like Randy’s and HOPE, it’s clear to see that USHealth is a company by the people and for the people.

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USHEALTH Group, Inc Offers Patience Choice and Ind

More often than not, people take their rights to choose for granted. Right from the choice to eat someplace pleasant to sign up with a preferred insurance company, all these decisions impact the lives of everybody, everywhere. When it comes to family insurance, personal insurance, and selective insurance plans, most people would agree, that the higher number of choices available, the better it is for them to get the right provider. Keeping the importance of choice and flexibility in mind, USHEALTH Group has created a PPO scheme that is meant for those people who do not want to leave things to chance.

USHEALTH Group offers family and individual insurance amongst others. Also known to be a leading provider of dental and vision insurance, this medical insurance provider seems to know precisely about their patients’ insurance desires.

Based out of Texas, USHEALTH Group through its various subsidiaries, this insurance provider offers products that are meant for just for those individuals and families who want to stay protected when sick, without the added stress of doctor’s bills piling up by the minute. USHEALTH Group, is one of the few providers, to give its buyers the choice of either budget-friendly insurance plans or tail-made coverage plans. Added benefits of choosing tailor-made plans are flexibility and freedom to get situationally based insurance at a marginally higher costing. This leading health insurance company also offers two types of participant based coverage schemes known as HMO and PPO plans.

The term PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization and typically each insurance company is tied up within a minimum of 2 to 3 participants. Usually, in PPO schemes, patients are given the freedom to choose from in-network health care providers as well as external health care providers. The primary purpose most people use in-network participants is because the out of pocket costs stay a minimum and most in-network physicians offer the maximum number of services as per the selected insurance options the buyer has selected for at the time of enrolling.

Unlike the HMO scheme, that is handed out by every second insurance company; the PPO plan gives you unparalleled flexibility and maximum choice while letting you be in control in more ways than one. With a PPO you do not need to find a primary care physician which implies that you can visit whichever physician you wish to go to, all without requiring a referral from a primary physician. The plans designed by USHEALTH Group, under the PPO scheme are meant for both individuals and families.

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The PPO plans offered by USHEALTH Group, are developed keeping the needs of people who do not want to settle for anything but the best of the healthcare services that are available. USHEALTH Group is one of the few companies known to have an extensive list of participating networks, and the most delightful part is, buyers can also enjoy both dental and vision insurance plans under this insurance scheme. The PPO schemes offered by USHEALTH Group, do not restrict patients when they wish to wander out of the network and maximum services are provided to patients depending on the availability of the chosen external health care provider.

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Here are the Benefits of Buying Freedom Life Insurance For A Family

Considering there are many companies selling life insurance policies, it is important to choose which insurance company best meets your needs. Take the following into consideration before buying an insurance policy.

  • Find out if the company meet your specific product needs
  • Find out if the company is located within your reach and what its full names are
  • Consider a company that has a good financial reputation
  • Investigate if there are any consumer complaints about the company
  • Consider the cost of premiums in regards to your age, type of policy and the insurance amount you’re willing to pay.Read more about Freedom Life Insurance at Bloomberg.

People can buy the insurance policy as individuals or as a group.

Freedom Life Insurance provides protection against life. They offer term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Consider buying term life insurance when you want to be insured for a given period say 50 years or when faced with a tight budget. Permanent insurance, on the other hand, insures your life till death. Although there are higher premiums for the permanent policy, they do accumulate savings over time. Examples of permanent policies are universal life, variable life, whole life and variable/whole life.

Freedom Life Insurance encourages people to buy permanent life insurance because they offer protection whether you die today or in hundred years’ time. They also lock your premiums once you buy their policy. With this feature, your premiums will be the same regardless of your age or health status. The company also allows your policy to accumulate savings. The savings can then be used to pay your premiums or request for a loan from the company against the accumulated savings at an interest rate.

Take the following steps when buying a life insurance policy.

  • Identify the need for the life insurance
  • Determine how much insurance is required
  • Consider other important objectives in regards to the insurance
  • Find out which is the best insurance for you
  • Identify any beneficiaries to your life insurance policy
  • Shop around for the best insurance company based on your needs and location
  • Decide how to settle your premiums, either monthly, annually or quarterly
  • Purchase and inform all beneficiaries about your insurance policy


Finding the best insurance company that suits your needs is very important. You need to consider a number of facts before purchasing the policy. They include products offered, claims, customer reviews, company identity, and its financial stability. Freedom life Insurance is the best company providing both term and permanent life insurance policies. Regarding permanent policy, they can lock your premiums once you purchase the policy. The amount payable does not change whether you get too ill or too old. They also allow your policy to accumulate cash savings which can be used to pay premiums or take a loan from the company. The company is fit to sell you an insurance policy since all the necessary steps before buying the insurance policy apply to it.

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How USHEALTH Group Provides the Best to Insurance Customers

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is under the National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The renowned entity has its headquarters in Fort Worth. It has premiums for self-employed, families, and entrepreneurs and their workers. USHEALTH Group has more than 15 million loyal customers who purchase from their insurance outlets. Visit USHealth Group on Facebook.

Products Available

USHEALTH Group has been on the market for long and has mastered the different preferences in various segments. They have tailored their policies to match the current demand. The reputable firm has departments that deliver specific premiums for a given need. USHEALTH Group trusts their packages, as they are sure the users require them to satisfy their insurance needs. They have broad plans of promoting the choice of their clients. It is evident that the family of companies has innovative products that are reliable, affordable, and flexible.

If you are on a fixed budget, consider acquiring the customized packages from USHEALTH Group. All workers in the organization understand the available products, and they will take you through them. The customer care unit handles complaints and introduces new clients to the company. They also have ancillary premiums like specified sickness, income protector, critical illness, short-term accident disability, dental plans, and accident covers. These covers will enhance the protection of the consumer.

To survive in the competitive field, USHEALTH Group has differentiated itself by maintaining lasting affairs with buyers. The trustworthy firm delivers as per the agreement to make sure no delays or price hike. They must involve you in deciding whether the cover is according to your requirement before sending the compensation. Read more at about US Health Group.

USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is aware of the differing taste of their market. They no longer use one package for the entire segment but have specific covers. The premiums have flexible payment modes to make it manageable for customers. The innovative services related to the market demand. Clients have the right and chance to make their choice.

USHEALTH Group Family Insurance

USHEALTH Group family insurance policy caters for the well-being of your loved ones. You cannot foresee an accident, but with the plan, you are safe. The USHEALTH Group advisors will educate you on its terms and importance. In most cases, the premium will pay for the medical bills. They work with hospitals to make the billing procedures easy. Their subsidiary entities urge customers to start paying for this product.

USHEALTH Group Advisory is a unit of USHEALTH Group used to connect to the local market. The licensed and experienced USHEALTH agents have completed product training and have relevant certifications. They have mastered the customer care principles. The team knows the exact strategies to use when connecting to each segment.



USHealth Group, Inc. and A+ Insurance Options

USHealth Group, Inc. is a business that aims to safeguard families of all kinds. It runs a number of licensed health and life insurance divisions. It gives clients many options in coverage. Examples are accident insurance, specified sickness insurance, dental coverage insurance, critical illness insurance and so much more. People who are looking for coverage that involves short-term accidents, vision and income can get behind the US Health Group, Inc. team. USHealth Group, Inc. has the assistance of many reputable and respected partners in the community. Some examples of these noted partners are organizations such as Center Care, Mississippi Health Partners, Devon Health Services, CHN (Community Health Network), ABC (American Business Coalition), CVS/Caremark, Midlands Choice, Cigna, MultiPlan Limited Benefit Plan and Careington Care CPO. USHealth Group, Inc. is located in vibrant Fort Worth in Texas.

People who are part of the USHealth Group, Inc. staff are Troy A. McQuagge, Cynthia B. Koenig, Konrad H. Kober, Brian Clark, Patrick H. O’Neill and Virgil Meier. These are all committed leadership professionals who make USHealth Group, Inc. the success it is on a daily basis. McQuagge works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and President of the firm. The other individuals work as Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents and Chief Marketing Officers.

People who turn to USHealth Group, Inc. receive many diverse choices in products. These products include SecureDental, Secure Advantage, Income Protector, Accident Protector, PremierChoice, Essential Health Benefit, MedGuard and PremierVision. This group can be a lifesaver for people who want to do anything and everything they can to maintain and attain high-quality dental health. It can be a lifesaver for people who have any concerns that involve oral health and teeth, too.

USHealth Group, Inc. is a business that understands in great detail how unpredictable and taxing modern life can be. It’s a business that knows the risks of being alive. People get into catastrophic accidents on a daily basis. They get sick on a daily basis as well. It doesn’t matter if an individual is younger or older. It doesn’t matter if an individual has enjoyed glowing health for years and years, either. Anything can happen. USHealth Group, Inc. goes the extra mile to provide people with all kinds of insurance coverage options. It’s a company that’s constantly improving and expanding its approach to health insurance coverage as well. That’s the reason it has so many loyal clients.

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