Redeveloping The Way Schools Work – Rocketship Education

Education is what has been proven to drive people’s success the most. As such, obtaining appropriate schooling is generally necessary in order to have a fruitful career. Although experience is looked at more than education, one will have severely low chances of getting any professional experience without a solid education. An interesting approach to this has been seen within the Rocketship United Academy, a charter school based in California.

Parent’s Two Cents

What might be the most distinguishing way of operating is the fact that parents help hire teachers. At Charter School Network Rocketship, students are taught by those individuals that their parents personally selected for them. This means that the community has an enormous role in the way that the school is organized and ran internally.

The way this is done varies a little. Some campuses will allow a parent or two to sit in on a job interview. Others require some formal training so that a panel of parents can actually do a job interview themselves. Additionally, there have been instances where parents will all gather at a conference to meet the finalists for a certain teaching position.

What is Rocketship Network?

It was founded by Preston Smith, who now serves as the CEO of this organization, in 2007 in California. The total of 13 schools is within the Rocketship. Smith operates in an innovative way that was designed to provide inclusiveness to the student body. This has helped his schools catch some attention from the press nationwide. Every school in the system has five core values, fore of which are uniform throughout the organization. These include respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence. The last core value gets selected by a joint effort of parents and teachers.

Gratitude Grams

One of those notable endeavors that caught media’s attention was a gratitude project. Students were given a small piece of paper for seven days straight, and they had to thank a person who they were assigned. Soon afterward, the halls of their schools were decorated with hundreds of papers where somebody has expressed gratitude to another person.