New York Offers Babu Ji’s Kulfi Ice Cream

The ice cream wars have been struck with a large variety.The newest player in the frozen treat war is the ultradense kulfi. This is a delicious classic Indian item that can be found in many grocers in Queens. This can also be found in restaurants such as Tamarind and Junoon. The latest version of pistachio and cardamom style is now being made at theBubu Ji. This has recently opened. This should be on your must-try summer list. Kulfi will cool anyone down this summer. This is an impressive treat that is made properly. The entire process will take up to one full day. The cooking begins with the milk base. According to PR Newswire, pistachio, cardamom, and honey are added. This takes approximately six hours in total. Usually this is made from fattier buffalo’s milk. Singh uses cow milk that does take a bit longer to cook in order to get the correct creaminess. This does need to be constantly stirred. The milk is then brought down to a room temperature. It is then frozen for approximately 12 hours. This is done in metal molds. This is the latest addition to the frozen treat options.

Sick From Ice Cream

It seems like there are several cases recently that invovle some kind of bacteria in foods. One of the latest involves Blue Bell ice cream and a link to listeria. Susan McGalla said the company has decided to recall some of its flavors of ice cream. There were a few people in Kansas who got sick after eating Blue Bell products, and there were three in Texas who got sick from what appears to be the same strain of listeria.

The strain has been seen in the small cups that the company produces, but it makes you wonder just how many cartons or ice cream bars are floating around in stores that contain listeria. When a company this big has issues with a bacteria that kills people just because they enjoy a treat, it doesn’t make you feel much better about smaller companies that might not have the top of the line resources to keep out bacteria. The Blue Bell company is trying to make things right, but it might be a little too much too late.