Goettl Air Conditioning Expands Their Territory

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business since 1939 in the desert Southwest, located in Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas. They were the first company to introduce the evaporative cooler as a means of cooling the air for homeowners as well as the refrigerated air conditioning concept.

Goettl has alway been a company that prided itself on its customer service capabilities, and that has built the company to a size that is quite impressive indeed. Customers are still with the company whose grandparents were some of the original customers.

Recently, Goettl acquired Moore Air Conditioning in Las Vegas, NV who have been noted in the region for its HVAC services. Goettl has done some HVAC, but up to this point, their focus has been in the residential market. The merger will prompt Goettl to add 100 employees in the Las Vegas market, and they plan to source a great number of those people from the College of Southern Nevada.

In addition to the heritage of excellent service, one of Goettl’s most sought after services is the Goettl Maintenance Program. For just $12 per month, members receive:

  • Discounted pricing on all installations, labor, parts and replacement
  • A 5-year warranty on parts, and a 2-year warranty on labor
  • A 48 hour emergency service
  • An annual checkup for their heating and cooling system

With this plan, customers can breathe easy knowing that their heating and air conditioning units will always be in the best working order possible.

Goettl specializes in heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance and replacement for all major brands and models. The also have done some HVAC in the past, but with the new merger, there will be much more servicing capabilities in the HVAC area. Also, indoor clean air quality is a huge issue in the desert.