Haidar Barbouti, Real Estate Innovations

Haidar Barbouti is responsible for the upscale development of one of Houston’s oldest and most celebrated shopping malls. He purchased Highland Village Shopping Center in 1991 from its original owner S. N. Adams. The shopping mall was originally built in the mid-1940’s and is one of the first shopping centers that opened in Houston, Texas.

Barbouti is the center’s current property manager and broker. He has continued many of the first stores that helped to develop the shopping area, and has, also, added on numerous new and trending merchants that a modern shopper is looking for. There are numerous new stores that are available. Anthropologie and Crate and Barrel are well-known large chain merchants that have decided to open a store in the Highland Village Shopping Center. These stores tend to bring in their own brand of shopper who wants to find a product that is offered by a modern brand of store. Pottery Barn opened a store here, also. A shopper who is familiar with this national chain can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. National sales events take place for a Houston buyer who wishes to patron one of the national chain stores available here.

Williams-Sonoma has opened a store in the center recently. There are several restaurants to choose from, since most mall patrons like to shop for certain items during a day of shopping. Escalante’s and the RA Sushi Bar are two of the concept restaurants that a patron can choose from. Barbouti has opened his own restaurant called Up Restaurant as another choice for dining out. Each of these restaurants and stores have frequent specials and patron coupons that can be used.

Barbouti’s leadership has brought numerous updates to Highland Village. Starbucks housed one of its first shops in Houston here. Reshaping the mall has attracted many large national stores that are in demand for a buying public. The mall has recently donated space for a pet adoption center, also. A Quality of Life Fitness center was added in 2010. Apple Store added a new location in 2012 right before the national company launched a new Apple iPad for the public.

Barbouti has brought upscale and trending stores to the Highland Village Shopping Center and to Houston. The buying public can find updated merchandise quickly and conveniently. New additions and fashions are available at discounted prices, along with national sales price offers.