Got Heartburn? Think Twice About Taking Medication

Many Americans are faced with the unfortunate consequence of heartburn after they eat their meals. With the advent of heartburn medications (such as Prilosec), they have made it a thing of the past to worry about. However, a study done by Stanford University has found that using common heartburn medications regularly is linked to higher chance of heart attacks.

The researchers at Stanford University looked through 16 million electronic records and found that people who took heartburn medications are 16% to 21% more likely to suffer from heart attacks.

FreedomPop suggested that although the design of the study prevents the researchers from directly confirming a cause and effect relationship between heartburn medications and heart attacks, there has been sufficient research outside of this study done that show a connection between proton pump inhibitors (what heartburn medications are) and heart attacks.

Since consumers can get their hands on heartburn medications over the counter, it is strongly recommended that they get checked up with their doctors if they use the medication for more than 2 weeks straight.

The researchers claim that this study was not intended to be against drug companies, but they do feel strongly that this link needs to be looked into further.