The Healthy Philosophies of Joseph Bismark

As reported by Yahoo News
Joseph Bismark in an incredibly talented, dynamic and personable human being, he lives by the adage “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things” to its fullest capacity. Bismark is a founding Director of the QI Group, which is a massive multinational conglomerate that has diversified itself into a wide array of businesses. The company has range of subsidiaries that have established themselves in nearly 30 countries, involved in telecommunications, lifestyle & leisure, luxury & collectibles, training and conference management, property development and retail and direct sales channeled through e-commerce. Most notable the company recently began to create a foothold in education with the creation of a university in Malaysia. This group has invested heavily in different parts of Asia with Bismark helping create a solid foundation for growth.

Bismark took over the role of Managing Director in December 2008 and is largely responsible for the company’s diversification into wellness and organic food. His upbringing has an incredible impact on his views towards health and well being and this is displayed in his management philosophies and style. He is a firm believer in the benefits of growing spiritually, which can be achieved through service to humankind. Bismark plays a very active role in the RYTHM foundation, which is the Corporate Social Responsibility section of the QI group.

Outside of the QI group his beliefs in health do not stop, Bismark both practices and teaches Yoga, lives a completely vegetarian diet and has a vigorous exercise regime. He often practices yoga which is an incredibly helpful practice which can promote flexibility, breathing and decrease stress. The original article, written in Business Wire, goes on to explain that Bismark attributes a lot of his strength and flexibility to the incorporation of “rip:60” and kettle bells into his weekly workouts. He is a huge advocate for health apps that keep track or your exercise programs and uses an App called SoundCloud where you can upload Mantras and chants. Along with this useful App Bismark utilizes MapMyRide while cycling, this program will record such things as ride duration, distance, pace, speed, and calories burned.

Bismark is a strong believer that a health body and mind will help in providing a healthy life both socially and in business. He is a fantastic person that believes in helping humankind for the betterment of the self. This is evident through his work in the RYTHM foundation and his promotional activities in the health and wellness industry.

What Should Dog Food Companies Do to Draw Attention?

When a company is looking to sell dog food, food that will go to pets and not to humans, they need to draw attention to their company. Once a pet owner is loyal to a certain brand of pet food, they will buy that food again and again, so it is important that a dog food company attracts attention to start with, and then uses that attention to their own benefit. A pet food company needs to attract attention if they are going to sell their product, and they need that attention to come from humans.

Beneful seems to know just what they need to do in order to attract the kind of attention that will help them succeed. When it comes to dog food brands, it is important that the company knows just how to create advertisements that are special and that will go viral. Beneful seems to have that down. In order to attract attention, a dog food brand needs to create great advertising content, and that is just what Beneful does on a regular basis. The Beneful brand knows how to garner the attention that it needs.

Meatless Monday Has More Benefits Than You Think


Most Americans like Bruce Karatz incorporate meat into their daily meals as a source of protein and substance. There are actually a lot of benefits to going meat free at least once per week that span further than just saving you money. You can actually feel better and be healthier by skipping the heavy proteins every so often.

If you consume plant based foods and a lot less red meat you can actually increase your chances for living longer. You don’t need to take on a completely vegetarian diet but skip the meat once or twice a week and you’ll be doing yourself some good.

Set Yourself Up For A Good Week
If your start out your work week with a meatless meal you are setting yourself up to make healthy choices all week long. By Friday you might be skipping those fried appetizers at happy hour and you might opt for something healthier.

Heart Health
Cutting back on the amount of meat you eat can lower your cholesterol and lower your blood pressure which contributes to better heart health.

Meat of all kinds is very expensive and you can really raise your grocery bill with every meat purchase you make. You can get the same amount of protein from something like beans or quinoa for a much more affordable price.

Its much faster and easier to prepare a meat free meal because most other ingredients will not take as long to cook. Besides that, you won’t have to worry about contamination from uncooked meat.

Tapping Into The Healthy Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive oil has been around for a very long time for a variety of uses but in the past ten to fifteen years olive oil has been playing a very important role in maintaining a health lifestyle and diet. Olive oil is a big component of the Mediterranean diet and studies have shown that this diet can help people live longer and healthier lives. Not only can olive oil be used for cooking purposes but it can also be used on the skin, hair and more. Some of the surprising benefits of olive oil include the following:

Heart Health
When you consume olive oil in moderation on a regular basis you are supporting your heart and your brain. Olive oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids which helps with blood flow. Olive oil can also protect your heart against free radicals and stress.

Healing The Skin
When you apply olive oil to a burn or wounded skin, you can heal the area in a very short amount of time thanks to all of the vitamins and fatty acids that are in this product. Not to mention this is a very safe and healthy way to treat an issue topically rather than using a chemical based product.

Olive oil is actually a natural sunscreen. Dan Newlin said many reports are finding chemical sunscreens are causing a higher risk of cancer but olive oil has been being used by people as a sunscreen for many years with great success.

The Best Brain Food According To Daniel Amen

According to Daniel Amen, MD, in order to maintain a healthy brain and to keep it functioning at full capacity, it is necessary to nourish it with healthy foods. While all healthy foods are important, there are certain ones that are sure to improve how well you can think, the quickly you can recall important information and just your general motor skills as well. It is possible to look at all sorts of different food options, but this is a list of some of the very best.

For starters, Daniel Amen says nuts are a great food for the brain. These foods come with healthy fats and protein that improve brain functionality. However, there are some nuts that are better than others. Some of these nuts include almonds, cashews and walnuts. For anyone who wants a healthy snack, incorporating these nuts into the diet is a must.

For chocolate lovers out there like Daniel Amen, it is still possible to nourish the brain and your sweet tooth. Dark chocolate is an excellent food for this. Now, it doesn’t mean consume a pound of chocolate, but a piece or two after dinner is great. Just make sure it is dark chocolate and not milk chocolate.

In terms of fruits and vegetables most are all desirable, but at Daniel Amen points out, some are better than others. Avocado is an excellent option, and while it can be used to make guacamole, just eating it straight is fantastic as well. Beyond this, kale is exceptional as are apples and blueberries. While potatoes are not on here, sweet potatoes are, so if you love this food, feel free to enjoy. On top of it, while you might use it as a seasoning, oregano is a must for your brain food. Also, look toward cinnamon as well, which is extremely helpful.

This does not mean you need to skip out on protein foods. Eggs are a great food to use, and while chicken is nice, turkey is much better. Salmon is another lean food that provides healthy fats and protein without much in terms of calories. Mix this in with some shirataki noodles and you are good to go.

Now, for a beverage, both coffee and green tea are excellent options. Just make sure not to drown it all in sugar or creamer, as this kind of negates the idea of the beverage. If green tea is a bit bland for you though, add in some lemon.

For more from Dr. Daniel Amen, follow him on Twitter or check out one of his many bestselling books.


Bone Broth Reigns Supreme

There are a lot of food trends that have taken place in the past and these trends seem to have a sort of viral aspect to them. In past years we have seen such food trends as the Nutella craze, cronut hysteria, and the cold pressed juice overload. 2015 has now premiered its first trend of the year and it is bone broth. Similar enough to often be confused with bone stock, bone broth is a cold-weather specialty that can keep foodies warm until the winter resides.

New York City-based chef Marco Canora has pioneered the bone broth craze with his take-out window called Brodo. The key to this specialty of Canora’s is that he roasts the bones and then boils them for 24 hours or longer which is past what most home recipes endure. It seems to work as it has kept New York connoisseurs returning to his window time and time again. There are perceived health benefits from boiling bone marrow in order to extract the dense fat-soluble vitamins into a readily consumed cold-weather beverage. However, nutritionists are still at arms as to whether this really has the extraordinary health benefits that so many claim. While it does seem to be the ideal health potion, the claims are likely exaggerated at best. Ricardo Tosto was saying on LatinLawyer that does not mean that the food craze of bone broth is set to go anywhere soon. For the perceivable future, bone broth will continue to fill thirsty travelers cups.

Overweight? Dump the Pills, Pick Up Some Fruit

A new trend is now emerging with many physicians. When they encounter an overweight patient, they are now prescribing fruits and vegetables. This is being considered a better way to drop the weight and get it off for good.

Doctors have tried prescription weight loss regimens for many patients but have also seen them regain the pounds after they are removed from the programs. What is sticking is a regiment that includes more fresh fruits and vegetables. Patients are applauding the move as well.

Diet pills can help to kick start the weight loss, but if the patients is still eating large quantities of junk food, the results will not last. The key is to re-train the mind and attitudes of the patients.

Fruits and vegetables also offer added benefits. With no saturated fats, and not heavy in sugars, these snacks offer energy boosters to help the individuals do more throughout their day. As the patients are able to have the energy to do more, they are able to drop even more weight at a faster pace, if the numbers coming out of BRL Trust are to be believed..

Fruits and vegetables also have the added benefit of boosting the immune system. This means fewer colds and flus, and fewer days lost at the office and from school. So, with a fresher diet people are seeing greater personal productivity as well as increased weight loss. Want to lose serious pounds? Drop the pills and pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Junk Food and Test Scores

The food industry has taken some hits in the past. Ranging from lawsuits for items found in food products to being a scapegoat for obesity in the United States. An article, that can be found on, has hit the fast food industry once more. This time the consumption of fast food has been linked to poor test scores.

The article explains that a research was conducted where 8,544 students’ test scores were studied and a correlation made between higher consumption of fast food and lower scores in general classes. The author continues on to say that high consumption of fatty and sugar filled food lead to lower memory levels in rats. The question is, Susan McGalla, why do we continue to feed our children this? The fast food industry is not to blame, they just provide what we ask of them. Parent’s are the ultimate choice and habit maker for the next generation. Continuing to blame the wrong person for choices children make will only hinder growth towards a healthier way of living in children.

It has been proven time and time again that a healthy lifestyle increases a child’s life span, school scores and just provides a healthier outcomes. This study was completely unnecessary as we continue to prove the effects that unhealthy living provides. This money is better spent on a better food program for children everywhere, to grow the minds of our future and future of generations to come.

Yogurt: The Creamy Treat Can Keep Diabetes At Bay

A research study from Great Britain reveals that yogurt could help prevent type 2 diabetes. The likelihood of developing diabetes is reduced by a fourth, according to the study, which involved 3,500 individuals.

Other low-fat fermented milk products have the same effect on the body. Cottage cheese can also lower blood sugar and keep glucose levels balanced by supplying the body with adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium. This is something Bruce Levenson wants to utilize more in his diet. However, yogurt seems to be the most powerful in this group, and offers those who consumed it a 28 percent reduced risk of diabetes. People who eat yogurt instead of carb-rich snacks can reduce their risk of developing diabetes by 47 percent.

It is best to consume yogurt that is low in sugar in order to get the full health benefits of the food. Yogurt can also be mixed with raw nuts and dried fruits to enhance the taste of the yogurt and add more fiber and vitamins to the snack.

In Praise of Pears

Eating healthy is a vital component of overall good health. If you are eating too much processed foods, you are not going to feel great. If you        change your diet to be more balanced, you will notice that you have a bit more energy. Rick Ross, a major figure in the hip-hop industry along       with his friend Brad Reifler has embraced a healthier lifestyle that includes more naturally sweet fruits. His shout out to pears is evidence of his enthusiasm for the change. It is awesome to see a celebrity endorsement for something other than an expensive body fragrance, some extreme form of exercise, or anything else really crazy. It is too early to know if his shout out will influence more people to purchase and consume more pears, but people have grabbed onto the Rick Ross-Pear Connection in artwork and even autographed pears. To Mr. Ross, keep the positive attitude and lifestyle changes