The Man Drew Madden: Healthcare IT Entrepreneur and Consultant

Today, there are few accomplished entrepreneurs in the healthcare information technology (HCIT) sectors. Drew Madden took to the HCIT stage at a young age. He has been focused on providing the best HCIT service and product. He joined Evergreen Healthcare as Managing Partner in July 2017 and for the few months that he has been there, the company has achieved important milestones. Evergreen is the world’s leading HCIT brand and has experts spread throughout America. The brand focuses on the implementation of healthcare technology and advisory services.

About Drew Madden

Drew possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in industrial engineering from Lowa University. He is a seasoned healthcare business executive who is dedicated to building quality and performing workforce, trusted work relations, and dynamic work culture. Mr. Madden is an experienced seasoned healthcare information technologist and entrepreneur. He has over 15 years of administrative experience in HCIT. Currently, he is a founding partner at Evergreen Healthcare.

Professional Journey

After college, Drew Madden started his career at Cerner Corporation as an Integration Consultant in 2002. He spent 4 years in the corporation dealing with inpatients applications and other health consulting work. In 2006, Drew joined Healthia Consulting as a Senior Consultant in the medical corporation. He worked at Healthia for a few years before moving to Ingenix Consulting as a Sales Director. He was able to gather sales experience for a year.

Late 2010, Nordic Consulting came knocking and Mr. Madden was offered an Executive Vice President role which he handled diligently for less than a year before he was promoted to President. As the President, Drew brought massive growth to Nordic Consulting. He led the firm for 4 years before moving to Evergreen in July 2017 where he currently works as a Managing Partner. Evergreen Healthcare is an effective HCIT corporation in advisory services and serves a number of healthcare platforms and those specializing in HCIT.


Overall, Drew Madden is a dedicated and self-driven HCIT business leader. His many years of health consultancy make him a sought-after corporate figure throughout the globe. He portrays what many consider quality professional working standards effective in the running of Evergreen Healthcare.