Charles Koch’s significance in the presidential race

The American presidential race is on, and there are various outrages towards what the candidates are bringing out as agendas. The recent criticism has come from a billionaire Charles Koch, who is an entrepreneur and described as a philanthropist. Charles Koch is against whatever that the candidates are campaigning to implement for the people. He is so disappointed that the real issues that are affecting the American community are not addressed, and candidates are concentration on non-issues. It makes him wait a little longer to offer his support in financing the campaign. He is willing to spend an amount worth $ 900 million on the 2016 presidential campaign but not in the primaries.

Charles Koch was born in 1935 to Mary Robinson and Fred C Koch as his parents. He later inherited a business by the brand Koch Industries from his father. Currently, they own it with his brother where they have equal shares in the business. They invested in more product lines and expanded the territory of their father. He is the Chief Executive Officer, co-owner and he chairs the board that runs the company. Both brothers are actively involved in the multi-billion businesses since, David Koch, holds a position of Executive Vice President of Koch Industries.

Charles Koch is always passionate about a liberated society which is free from patronage. He is an admirer of a 19th-century politician who supported the smooth running of the business in any society. The British politician, William Gladstone is his political hero and role model. He is a liberal and will always wish for a society that is free of dictatorship and which supports entrepreneurship in any form as long as it improves the society. Politics is an arm of a stable government, and this must be put on the main agenda tp ensure that politics plays the largest role in improving people’s lives. He is mostly concerned of the campaign taglines that both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are raising as agendas.

The Muslim community has been in existence for the rest of America’s life, and there is totally nothing wrong to live still with them. Trump suggests that they should be locked out of America and forced to register with the American government. Charles Koch is against such actions because that destroys the free society that we should embrace where businesses should be conducted freely and with peace in the country.

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Keith Mann To Award Scholarships to Uncommon Schools Graduates In Brooklyn

In partnership with the Uncommon Schools, a chartered non-profit organization based in New York, Keith Mann has announced the Keith Mann scholarship for professional achievers. In this scholarly opportunity, Keith will be awarding one achiever an opportunity to undertake a four-year fully paid college degree. The chance will be awarded to a graduating senior in one of the Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn.

Keith and Keenly Mann of the Dynamic Search Partners will be focusing on the low-income students. The scholarship will give these students a chance to graduate with a college or university degree hassle-free. Additionally, the degree will give them the opportunity to reap from the professional world the benefits of possessing a degree certificate.
To qualify for the scholarship, the first requirement is that one should be a graduating senior from one of the Uncommon Charter High Schools in Brooklyn. The senior also need to apply for the scholarship with a 1000-word essay outlining how beneficial; the scholarship would be if awarded to them. Successful candidates will be announced by the end of March 2016, the time upon which they will receive the scholarship amounting to $ 5,000 that will go towards their college tuition.
Uncommon Schools organization, manages outstanding public schools across Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. These are primarily the schools dominated by low-income earners in these states. The organization aims at ensuring schools are well equipped as well as bridging the performance gap with private schools and prepare the low-income students for college and university.
Keith is a longtime advocate for education for the youths and regularly identifies strong, youthful leaders and places them with companies that can nurture their success. Having worked in the executive search industry for close to two decades, Keith Mann has set himself apart as a business leader in the field. He is a hedge fund compensation professional that possesses a host of other skills and experience in various other fields as staffing and hiring strategies. Keith is also the founder of the Dynamics search partners and dynamic executive search, both of which serve the private equity industry and the alternative investment firms across the United States, Europe, and Asia.
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Burger King Franchise Owner Gives His Bonus to Employees

Tom Barnett is the owner of 24 Burger King franchises in Arizona, and recently was awarded “Franchise of the Year” by Burger King corporate officials. The award is given to the Franchise that has the best rating based on safety scores, health inspections, and customer complaints. As a part of the award he received some very nice gifts, including a brand new Corvette and a new Rolex. Barnett felt like he did not deserve these gifts because the hard work that led to the award came from his employees. So Barnett sold the gifts and gave the money to his employees.

Barnett did more than just sell the gifts and give the money to his employees, he also matched what he got for them with his own money and the money of some of his business partners. In the end, he gave away $120,000 to 100 employees, resulting in bonuses that were between $100 and $5,000 apiece.

His philanthropic efforts are similar to those I’ve been reading about in the news from Amen Clinic, but it’s clear that Barnett is a rarity among bosses, especially in the fast food world. His good deeds certainly don’t go unnoticed. Even more evident of the fact is the low turnover rate at his franchise. At the Burger Kings that Barnett owns, the average employee works there for 10 years. In an industry where people often quit after their first day, and many don’t last an entire year, this says a lot about how he runs his business.