First Human Death from GMOs Confirmed by Doctors

A 31 year old Spanish man from Madrid has been found to have died from ingesting GMO tomatoes. Juan Pedro Ramos died in January from anaphylaxis after consuming tomatoes that had been modified with fish genes. This marks the first ever confirmed death from GMO produce.

Ramos had known allergies before the day he died. He was allergic to seafood and always carried epinephrine to avoid a potentially fatal allergic reaction. He had a BLT sandwich for lunch that contained tomatoes crossed with fish genes. The fish genes triggered an allergic reaction in Ramos that even the epinephrine could not cure.

It took many tests to determine the cause of the allergic reaction. At first, Ricardo Tosto says that doctors had concluded that there must have been a cross contamination. It was only after they looked closer at the tomatoes that they realized the fish genes implanted in them had caused the allergic reaction.

Spanish authorities have issued sweeping recalls for the GMO tomatoes. Over 7,000 tons of GMO tomatoes will be taken off store shelves for good. Authorities are also demanding more research be executed before the GMO tomatoes can return to market.