Livio Bisterzo Introduces Hashtag Give Peas A Chance for Snackers to Try Hippeas Healthy Snacks

Hippeas: Give Peas A ChanceBusinessman Livio Bisterzo, Founder of Green Park Brands is proud to introduce hashtag, #GivePeasAChance for American consumers to try new brand product, Hippeas. On September 20th, 2016, Hippeas announced that the brand has expanded its market into the United States.

Each snack sized package is only 100 calories and contains organic ingredients in variety of flavors with sources of protein and fiber. A single package includes four grams of proteins and three grams of fiber. Hippeas snacks are produced with organic chickpeas which are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The Hippeas brand has produced six flavors of healthy snacks, including Far Out Fajita, Pepper Power, Happen’ Hickory, Sriacha Sunshine, Vegan White Cheddar, and Maple Haze. Each chickpea puff is light in size and has a crunchy texture that’s gluten free, kosher and vegan. Snackers who love the spicy flavors of chili, cumin and paprika, try the fajita flavored puffs. If you enjoy the flavors of cheese, but can do without the calories of dairy products, the vegan white cheddar snack provides the taste of cheese puffs. Enjoy chickpeas snacks with a combination of sweetness and savory flavors or tangy-sweet and spicy jalapeno.

Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar organic chickpeas puffs are offered in more than 7,500 Starbucks establishments in the United States. Soon, the snack products will be coming to Amazon, Whole Foods, and other national retail stores. In Starbucks, snackers can find Hippeas in the grab-and-go section to enjoy as a mid-morning or late night snack. The mission of Green Park Brands is to bring change to the food and drink industry by giving consumers alternatives for snacking healthier.

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian entrepreneur who moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 18 years old to complete studies at the University of Arts in London. He started his first events company and created brands for men which have been featured in GQ, Harpers, and Vanity Fair. From 2003 and 2011, he founded and acquired Kyoku for Men, Maddox Club, and Little Miracles. In 2015, Bisterzo found Green Park Holdings and in April 2016, launched the its first brand of snacks, Hippeas.

Bisterzo wants every American consumer to try their new organic chickpeas puffs by hash-tagging #GivePeasAChance on Twitter and Facebook.

Visit their website to learn more about Hippeas.

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