Jonathan Veitch Making the Case For Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch grew up in California. His parents moved from New York to Los Angeles by the time Jonathan was born. Raised by a successful father figure, Jonathan is the son of the president of a major motion picture company and the step-grandson of a successful actor and producer Allen Ladd. Allen starred in many Western films of the 40’s and 50’s and was one of the driving forces pushing Jonathan’s father (John Veitch) to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in acting. Jon’s career path lead to becoming the president of Columbia Pictures and later opening up his own production company. Although, success and fame seemed to place Jonathan on the road to success in Hollywood with a family in the business, nearing his 5th birthday Jonathan’s step-grandfather Allen passed away. Consequently, Jonathan did not pursue a life in acting, but rather dove into the field of education through teaching, writing, and supporting positive changes in environmental causes.

Jonathan Veitch positioned himself during his career after graduating High School in Los Angeles, California. He attended two prestigious schools for his continuing education where he received his bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature and his doctoral degree in The History of American Civilization. Jonathan Veitch has become a published author with a successful book that has excellent reviews from readers interested in the subject of Superrealism of the 1930’s in America. Jonathan Veitch has spent a majority of his career in the classroom educating adults. He taught English at the University of Wisconsin and has also taught Cultural and American History as well as American Film at The New School in New York.

Jonathan Veitch spent 4 years as the Dean of Eugene Lang College before moving to the Occidental College in Los Angeles where he serves as a college administrator. His career contributions have been noted alongside the success of Occidental College and he is locally involved in the environmental concerns regarding the future of the City of Los Angeles.

Living on the campus of Occidental College, Jonathan Veitch lives with his wife Sarah Ann and their three kids.

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