Omar Boraie Pledges to Donate To Genomic Research As Part Of Rutger University’s Chair Challenge

The field of genomic science received a significant boost after real estate tycoon Omar Boraie pledged $1.5 million to Rutgers University’s genomic science department, The commitment was made as part of the Rutgers University 18 Chair Challenge. Philanthropists who want to make a contribution to society and the field of scientific research have been donating to this challenge. Also, an anonymous donor has said that he will match 18 of the donor’s amounts, doubling the total sum of money the institute will receive, aiding the research department further. Omar’s contribution to the department will result in the establishment of the Omar Boraie Chair, an award given to members of society who strive to help and enhance scientific research. The ‘Chair’ is one of the highest honors in education given to anyone within the academic discipline.

Because of the advancements in genomic science, the research has paved new paths for doctors and surgeons to take while treating patients with cancer. Owing to the developments in this field of research, doctors now have a new process when it comes to analyzing their patients. Through genomic science, it is now slowly becoming more and more possible to treat tumors at their genetic level. This allows doctors to be able to give their patients the best treatment that is tailored to them, so as to have a better and more favorable outcome.

This isn’t Omar Boraie’s first pledge to aid research and the betterment of society. In the past, numerous organizations have benefited from Omar’s contributions and efforts. Omar’s efforts at philanthropy haven’t just helped individual organizations, but entire societies. Omar is known for his efforts to transform the city of New Brunswick in New Jersey as a hub of development and where people have an exceptional standard of living. Omar partook on his mission to transform the society of New Brunswick as part of a three generation goal started by his grandfather, through their real estate and development company – Boraie Development LLC.

Even though now Omar may be heavily involved with the real estate company, he, in fact, came to America from Egypt to attain his PHD in chemistry. According to an article published by Newswise, Omar has always strived to make the city of New Brunswick a city that has exceptional healthcare. By pledging to the Rutgers University, he is one step closer to making that dream a reality.