100th Anniversary of Nathan’s hot Dog Eating Contest in 2016 May Be Interesting

There are many 4th of July activities that Americans look forward to each year, fireworks, grilling out, cold beer with family and friends, plus the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Sam Tabar mentioned how those skinny guys can really put away the hot dogs, they cram them in like their stomachs are made of elastic. This year all eyes are focused on two participants, Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi. Joey is the reigning champion, a fact that may be true because Kobayashi has not been allowed to compete in the last couple of years due to poor sportsmanship. Next year will mark the hot got eating contests 100th anniversary and there are rumors of an upcoming battle between the two professional eaters to mark the occasion. Neither side has agreed and nothing is official but America can only wait, and hope, that next year we get to the Kobayashi and Chestnut duke it out once again.