Children Don’t Drink Enough Water

When it comes to children in the United States there is a lot that needs to be considered in regard to keeping them healthy. Parents need to watch what their children eat, but they also need to watch what those children drink – and, just how much those children choose to drink.

New research suggests that half of the children in the United States are not downing as much water as they should be. Mikal Watts sees this as a concern. These children are missing out on water on a regular basis. These children are not getting the proper hydration that they need.

Parents need to be pushing water so that their children will get the benefits that it brings about. The human body is made up of water, it needs water in order to be healthy. Those parents who are concerned about the health of their children need to be watching more than just their food consumption, they need to make sure that they are downing water, too.

An Unusual Deli Makeover

A deli in Brooklyn debuted a new look on Thursday night and it turned several heads in New York City. Jesse’s Deli has been in Boerum Hill since 1983, but the price hikes across the city have struck the neighborhood and now Jesse’s Deli is facing a rent increase. Even though Jesse’s Deli is facing certain eviction, they still had time to stage a protest in the form of a makeover reflecting the new stores and residents that they think are making it impossible to stay in the area.

Until Monday, Jesse’s deli is offering a “Hand-Fried Chicken Cutlet” for $13.50 and a “Slow Roasted Five Hour Energy” for $15, among other “artisanal” and “local” products. These are the same items you can find in any deli, but their prices now reflect the price hike. Andy Wirth isn’t very happy with that. Customers don’t have to pay the price according to CBS, but the owners hope that this makeover will help to start a dialogue about the status of small businesses in the future Brooklyn.

Hamburglar The New and Improved Sexy Fail

Just when you thought you had seen it all the people at the world renowned fast food restaurant Mcdonald’s amazes us with the new and improved sexy Hamburglar.Read more about it here. Most kids who have enjoyed the family friendly fun aspects of eating at mcdonald’s have also grown to know and love this icon over the years. with all of the controversy surrounding this restaurant from their employees demanding they’re minimum wages to be increased almost double their current rate to the pink slime epidemic that shocked us all. it’s not surprising that they had to turn to sex appeal to help sale their greasy i’m not sure what is in here fast food. Folks at Amen Clinic ( know that stores today that have been open at least 13 months declined at a rate in about 2.2 percent in the us and about 0.3 percent globally in may of 2015. way to go family friendly mcdonald’s you have successfully done what every other desperate company has done. you have forgot the morals and values that you were founded upon and have steered away from your company mission. This just goes to prove not everybody is buying in to the cliche of today’s media. i am happy to see that this is proving to not be beneficial and is not going to fatten your pockets like you intended.

The Dangers Of Caffeine Powder

You may not know it but there is actually a product on the market that is caffeine in the form of a powder. This powder can be used for a pick me up in the middle of the day but this product is posing a lot of health risks and deadly outcomes. Caffeine powder can be purchased very quickly and easily, straight from the internet. The problem is that this product does not come with a lot of instruction and because of its concentrated content, it has posed deadly for some teens that have used it to get through a busy day or finals.

Caffeine powder can be mixed into any beverage to provide a
caffeinated beverage
that isn’t necessarily a coffee or soda. When too much is taken this can lead to cardiac arrythmias and seizures. This is not the case just for people who are sensitive to caffeine exposure but to just about anyone; including healthy, young individuals. While a serving size is included on the package, people have gone on to consume more than recommended after they see the great boost of energy they experience. Also, they feel they are doing more by not consuming sugary beverages; just consuming the caffeine that they want. You may see caffeine powder online or even in some stores. It is best to steer clear according to Ricardo Tosto. If a boost of energy from caffeine is what you are looking for you are much better off sticking to a safer option like tea. This way, you do not risk overdose or death.

Hardee’s And Carl’s Jr. Pair Up To Bring You The Most American Thick Burger

Summer time is quickly approaching, and with that the hamburger and hot dog sells go through the roof.That is why Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s has paired up to release this beast of a thick burger. People are calling it “America’s Most Patriotic Burger” or “Fourth of July On A Bun”. The Sister restaurant however, have given this thick burger the perfect name, “The Most American Thick Burger”.

Thrown in between two massive buns are, a burger patty,topped with American cheese, topped with Lay’s extra crisp, kettle cooked, potato chips, and finished off with a whole hot dog split in half. Yes you read that right. They are now serving a hamburger and hot dog combo.

We are not going to get into how many calories or grams of fat this enormous thing has. After all, if you are going to order it, then your surely not going to be worrying about your waste line. That is the way Ricardo Guimarães BMG sees it. A company rep recently spoke with USA Today and told them they have been working on this bad boy for 10 years now. Though it still has not hit the restaurant quite yet, they are expecting to release it soon.

It Is Possible to Eat Healthy While Eating Out

When trying to eat healthy to stay in shape, finding yourself out at a restaurant can present the biggest challenge. For good reason, the main emphasis behind their preparations is the taste, and the health of the food may be a secondary consideration. While many of their meals are unhealthy, it is possible to stay on the road to better health when eating out. There is an excellent article in the New York Times about how to do this.

The first bit of good news is that people are more health conscious today and restaurants have been paying attention. Foodies like Mark Ahn are excited to know that even McDonald’s is experimenting with adding the health food Kale to some of their salads. When such targets of all that is bad about fast food are starting to make improvements, that is worth taking note. However, it is easy to pack on calories at regular restaurants that don’t have an unhealthy reputation. One trick is not to eat the entire portion served to you. You may also just try ordering two appetizers, and you’ll find that it will add up to a filling meal without being as big a serving as the actual meals served at most restaurants. One trick to enable you to eat more that you like is to knock out the sugary beverage in favor of water or club soda. This lets you indulge a little more on the food without straying off the path to a healthier future.

Fructose and Its Troubling Effects

Perhaps you found yourself dealing with the following unpleasant cycle of eating before. You have some junk food and, a short while after eating it, you reach for some more food. The next helping of food you go after is probably not going to be all that healthy either. Eating bad food seems to beget eating more bad food. Is this just a habit you got into? To a degree, it probably is. Food choices and behaviors eventually become ingrained in us. That said, people who eat poor quality food loaded with high fructose corn syrup may be setting themselves up biologically to eat more calorie-loaded foods.

High fructose corn syrup has long been noted as being an extremely terrible, low-quality sweetener. It is much cheaper than both natural sugar and traditional refined sugar. So, fructose finds itself in a lot of foods. Fructose delivers nothing nutritional and provides little more than empty, unsatisfying calories.

Recent studies now show high fructose corn syrup stimulates the brain to crave more and more high-calorie foods. This should come as no surprise. Sweets do stimulate the pleasure sensors in the brain and not in a good way.

Anyone wishing to eat healthier and stay lean really must check ingredient labels before buying. You can also follow medical professionals like Brian Torchin on Twitter or other social media. The minute you come across fructose in the ingredients, put the food back on the shelf. It is really not something that is going to be any good for you.

Wholesome Chicken From Tyson

Tyson is a leading company that provides tons of chicken for consumers all over the United States. In fact, they produce about 20% of chicken meat for Americans. Much concern is held over the fact that chickens on farms are oftentimes pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, but Tyson will be one of the first to phase out antibiotics from their farms.

In what is described as an aggressive plan, Tyson plans to completely eliminate antibiotics from their chicken farms within 2 years. This is a major game plan since it sets the precedence for other chicken farms to follow suit.

In fall of 2014, Tyson phased out drugs in their hatcheries and then their chicken feed in January 2015. Phasing out antibiotics completely may have come from an indirect push from McDonald’s, which is one of their biggest customers. Mcdonald’s said they would stop buying chickens that were fed antibiotics in early 2015.

Tyson plans to phase out antibiotics in beef, turkey, and other meat products from their suppliers in the future as well. Jaime Garcia Dias –check him out on pinterest — believe that not only is this a good move for the general public’s health, but it is a good business move as well, since 86% of consumers support the availability of drug-free meats in their local stores.

Tim Hortons Newest Doughnuts

For those who love a chocolate flavor that offers something a little extra special like Crystal Hunt, Tim Hortons has something great coming out soon. For those who love the chocolate and hazelnut flavor of Nutella, there is a doughnut coming out that will make mouths water. The newest doughnut coming out from Tim Hortons is something that is different and something that will be loved by many.

Tim Hortons offers a variety of great food options and they are soon going to add another choice to their menu, one that will most likely become a favorite of all who visit the restaurant. Time Hortons is going to be serving a Nutella doughnut soon. This doughnut will be full of all of the chocolate and hazelnut flavor that the spread contains, and it will be enjoyed by all of those individuals who love eating the spread on anything. This new doughnut is something that is bound to be popular.

The Best Brain Food According To Daniel Amen

According to Daniel Amen, MD, in order to maintain a healthy brain and to keep it functioning at full capacity, it is necessary to nourish it with healthy foods. While all healthy foods are important, there are certain ones that are sure to improve how well you can think, the quickly you can recall important information and just your general motor skills as well. It is possible to look at all sorts of different food options, but this is a list of some of the very best.

For starters, Daniel Amen says nuts are a great food for the brain. These foods come with healthy fats and protein that improve brain functionality. However, there are some nuts that are better than others. Some of these nuts include almonds, cashews and walnuts. For anyone who wants a healthy snack, incorporating these nuts into the diet is a must.

For chocolate lovers out there like Daniel Amen, it is still possible to nourish the brain and your sweet tooth. Dark chocolate is an excellent food for this. Now, it doesn’t mean consume a pound of chocolate, but a piece or two after dinner is great. Just make sure it is dark chocolate and not milk chocolate.

In terms of fruits and vegetables most are all desirable, but at Daniel Amen points out, some are better than others. Avocado is an excellent option, and while it can be used to make guacamole, just eating it straight is fantastic as well. Beyond this, kale is exceptional as are apples and blueberries. While potatoes are not on here, sweet potatoes are, so if you love this food, feel free to enjoy. On top of it, while you might use it as a seasoning, oregano is a must for your brain food. Also, look toward cinnamon as well, which is extremely helpful.

This does not mean you need to skip out on protein foods. Eggs are a great food to use, and while chicken is nice, turkey is much better. Salmon is another lean food that provides healthy fats and protein without much in terms of calories. Mix this in with some shirataki noodles and you are good to go.

Now, for a beverage, both coffee and green tea are excellent options. Just make sure not to drown it all in sugar or creamer, as this kind of negates the idea of the beverage. If green tea is a bit bland for you though, add in some lemon.

For more from Dr. Daniel Amen, follow him on Twitter or check out one of his many bestselling books.