Could Yogurt Replace Sugary Cereal For Your Child’s Breakfast

It has become a tradition to feed children breakfast cereals that include Lucky Charms, Trix and other sweetened cereals. Breakfast cereals for children contain vitamins and iron, but many cereals also contain more than 2 teaspoons of sugar that is 2/3 of the tablespoons the FDA approves for children. According to the FDA, children are supposed to have between 3 and 8 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis. The worse ingredients in children’s cereals are those that contain corn syrup, high fructose, and cereals that are mixed with several different kinds of sugar. Is there an alternative to feeding your children cereal?

Some parents like Flavio Maluf give their children light yogurt as a breakfast and snack treat. Light yogurt has as much sugar as contained in children’s’ cereals. Some yogurts contain enough sugar to make up for 56 percent of the calories. If you want to give your children yogurt for breakfast, many people recommend Greek yogurt. Nonfat Greek yogurt contains only 6 grams of sugar,and it is loaded with potassium and vitamin B-12.
The best cereals for children are those low in sugar and high in fiber and whole grain. Not only are these type of cereals great with skim milk or 2 percent milk, they be sprinkled on Greek yogurt. According to Cooking, the best sweet cereal to feed your child is one with multi-grain oats and honey.

Girl Scouts Experiencing Thin Mint Shortage That Could Last Weeks

It’s no secret that Girl Scout cookies are popular or that the most popular Girl Scout cookie is the Thin Mint. Every year millions of fans wait for Girl Scout cookie season to buy and order their favorite cookie. This year, Thin Mint fans will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on a box of these delicious mint chocolate crispy wafers.

Little Brownie Bakers, which bakes and supplies about half of the cookies that the Girl Scouts sell is behind filling the amount of orders that are coming in, saying that the problem is due to a much higher expected demand that expected, and that the bakery is working around the clock to ensure that the orders will be filled said Brad Reifler. They have rescheduled delivery of the cookies from mid febuary to mid march. The good news is that although the cookie delivery is being delayed, all the cookie orders will be filled.

Thankfully this is only a temporary shortage and not all cookie orders or types of cookies have been affected. In fact, only 6% of all Girl Scout Troops will have delayed orders, and only a few thousand customers will be affected. But with Girl Scout cookies in such high demand, and with the tasty treats being so addictive, who knows what people will do to get their fix, especially if their friends and neighbors have cookies earlier than they do.

Lovin’ McDonald’s Fries in a New Free Promotion

How would a box of free McDonald’s French fries sound to you? Through the restaurant brand’s new promotion, showing some love could result in free fries for you. This love-filled campaign begins on February 2, 2015. Randomly selected individuals who come into a McDonald’s restaurant will be asked to pay for their fries with ‘love’ as the payment. This could be anything from a hug to a handshake or even a high-five!
The promotion will run until February 14, 2015. To be considered for the ‘Pay with Love’ campaign, you must visit a participating restaurant between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Customers chosen for the campaign are not required to participate. After being selected, the restaurant manager will give the customer the option to pay with his preferred method of payment, or with one of these acts of love.
McDonald’s foresees this as being a fun way to give back, to inspire and to teach others. Haidar Barbouti agrees that It is certainly different from the other campaigns that we have seen in time’s past. Who knows? This could definitely put some excitement into the lives of many people! Thumbs up, McDonald’s.

Texas Governor Rick Perry Gives RNC Audience Plenty of Red Meat

Coronado Island, California – During the recession and the years that have followed, America has become a nation of part-time low-wage workers. The number of full-time workers is no longer the majority workforce. Record numbers of people now rely upon the federal government to pay for their grocery bills. That has not been the case in Texas. Before 2010, Texas was just about the only economic bright spot in the nation with strong job growth and good paying jobs. This is great news for a lot of people especially Fersen Lambranho.  During that entire time, Rick Perry presided over the state. 

Just how did he achieve the sustainable economic growth? He laid it out in clear simple terms for the audience at the RNC Winter Conference. He cut taxes, enacted sensible regulations, restricted frivolous litigation, and attracted an educated labor pool. The tall Texas governor said economic prosperity is quite simple to achieve. 

Thus far, Perry has not formally announced a presidential run. The timing is right for him. He is in his last days as governor. While he was hitting on the important issues to voters, he also criticized Obama on the dismal state of the economy and national security/foreign policy. He avoided criticizing any of his prospective GOP opponents. When asked by a reporter to comment on Romney’s greatest failure in the 2012 election, Perry merely pointed out that answer isn’t very relevant. He went on to explain the future direction of this nation is the important matter at hand.

Chinese Food: the Best Way to Celebrate Christmas

According to recent statistics released by GrubHub, the percentage of take-out orders that include Chinese food increased by 150 percent on Christmas Day last year. Other take-out cuisine options all declined by about 30 percent. A similar story could be told for Christmas Eve. The holidays have traditionally been celebrated by eating turkey and ham, but a new Chinese food tradition is quickly developing among Yuletide eaters. most especially w York where Chinese food is not the only thing quickly developing. Ben Shaoul is developing a different kind of commerce, but enjoying plenty of Chinese along the way. Chinese food or real estate, New York business is competitive and Crain’s says its all about stepping up on the marketing.

Pizza is popular all year round on weekends, but even it takes a back seat to Chinese food on Christmas Day. Mexican take-out orders also take a hit, probably, even among Mexicans. The Chinese themselves are in the habit of eating roast duck around this time of year, but the rest of us all go for things like sweet and sour chicken, beef and broccoli, and the unconquerable Mongolian beef. That last one happens to be my personal favorite, and since it is Christmas Eve, I had better go get some right away.

Not only Chinese, but Asian food in general, gets a bump in sales share this time of year. So expect things to be busy if you go to a Japanese, Vietnamese, Philippino, or Thai restaurant as well.

It is true that overall sales plummet on all take-out orders on Christmas since people are mostly eating at home or at uncle George’s house. If Americans do pick up some food on Christmas, however, it is likely to be Chinese or at least Asian.

Underground Cheese Making in Brooklyn

In food news, New York is currently setting a trend in avant-garde cheese making. First they pioneered social apps like Skout and now Brooklyners are revolutionizing cheese. Underground Gourmet had previously reported that the Crown Finish Caves had been renovated for cheese storage. The gentrification of the Bergen Street Brewery into high rise apartment complexes was on one piece of the plan that Susan Boyle and Benton Brown had in mind. The couple had not released word until recently how their cheese storage facility had been working out, but it’s a confirmed success by Brooklyn standards. One company storing their cheese under the old brewey, Crown Duchess, is successfully selling their product in Wholefoods for $6.25 per quarter pound. 

What’s so special about cheese which sits in a tunnel anywhere from three to six months? It’s said to have a strong and beefy taste, with a slight mineral tang. Crown Duchess uses raw cow milk procured from Chaseholm Farm Creamery to make the special washed rind cheese. This company is only one of many who are now storing their cheese in these tunnels underground. The space is one of the more exciting exhibitions of Brooklyn’s artisinal food scene, however more farmers are looking to ship in their product from upstate. How long will it be before this trend inspires other creative developers to procure meat lockers or wine cellars deep within the heart of New York’s favorite burrough?