The OSI Group Latest Acquisitions

OSI group is a U.S based multi-billion dollar company dealing with food production. The company has been operating for a long time and has established more than 60 firms in over 17 countries. The firms are spread across Europe, America, and Asia. OSI China is which deals with poultry products is the highest producer of all the firms in OSI group.

OSI has purchased Tyson Foods in Chicago; Kevin Scott the vice president of OSI North America confirmed the acquisition and said that the move was to ensure that they meet the increasing demands from clients. Tyson’s Chicago plant which has been sold to OSI is among its other two plants which are still operating in Wisconsin and Jefferson. Tyson Foods Chicago plant prepares items like meatballs, creeps, tempura chicken, and omelets among others. The executives at Tyson Foods said that they sold it because they were unable to meet their customer’s demands.

OSI has also bought Flagship Europe; the acquisition was received positively by the two parties. Russell Maddock, a chief executive officer at Flagship Europe, said that working together with OSI group would open doors for them to get new customers and also better their services. Flagship Europe is part of the big Flagship Food Group which its main products are Oliver James pies; sous vide equipment and frozen poultry among others. Click here to know more.

The OSI Europe got a boost when it acquired yet another firm in Europe; Baho Food, a Dutch-based Food Company. Baho Foods has five plants in Netherlands and Germany serving customers in 18 countries spread across Europe. The whole Baho’s managing team will remain in office and work together with OSI management team. The financial details were not revealed in this business deal between the two companies. Mr. David G. McDonald, the president of OSI group, said that Baho’s portfolio and products complement OSI’s ability to serve their customers better.