Rocketship Education Raises The Standards And Potential of Charter Schools

Formal education forms a person, a student and a citizen of the country. What a country needs is well-developed and informed citizens that will retain and protect the constitutional rights and freedom of the ordinary man. All these wonderful traits can only find its foundation in good education that starts in kindergarten. One of the new schools today that aspires to bring the quality education needed by students is Rocketship Education

In the report from Washington Post, we will surmise that the creation of the Rocketship school comes from the active involvement of parents in choosing the teachers for the school. Even in the construction of the buildings and laboratories of the school came with the consult of the parents.

The teachers are interviewed by the parents to know whether they’re the right fit for the school. Several sessions across months saw the teachers and relatives discussing on how to make the best out of the charter school, and this discussion creates the best balance between feedback from parents and their expectation from the teachers.

Rocketship Education

The promise of Rocketship Education is not to foresee the promise of getting everyone to the moon with a rocket. It may be more ambitious than that. Rocketship Regional Director Jacque Patterson is confident that with the education that Rocketship can offer, the standards of a charter school will raise itself to higher limits and potential.

Right now the D.C. Public Charter School Board has allowed Rocketship to operate in as many as eight school branches in the whole district. It also plans to run up to fourth grade and can house about 350 kindergarten students who want to stay in the school for up to the 2nd grade.

The vision of Rocketship Education is to merge the concern of parents for quality education with the institution’s desire to give the best training for the students. In the age of apprenticeship and the age where formal education may not be the only way to success, this partnership will give a fresh view on how education for children gets done in the modern set-up.