We Make Outing for Ladies Easy: Kate Hudson

You do not necessarily need to tie yourself up in some uncomfortable designs inside to appear smart outside. Similarly, fashion does not necessarily need to compromise on the owner’s freedom to deliver on great exterior appearance. This is exactly the language Fabletics is speaking. They are out to deliver on elegant designs that are both fashionable and easy to get into.

Kate Hudson of Fabletics stopped over for an interview at MarieClaire at http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/ and gave interesting perspective through which Fabletics see fashion. What came out is that Fabletics is destined to take to take fashion to the next level. And most importantly, they have a business model that allows everyone to get a piece of their designs. Affordability is at the core of their model.

According to Hudson, Fabletics want to trigger the activity sense in girls considered lazy while in fact they remain tied indoors with little to choose from and that should have taken them out. The athleisure design can be worn to virtually anywhere: on a date out, on exercising, and even on an official assignment that allows more of a smart-casual dress. Ladies have no excuse for being inactive anymore!

What’s even more intriguing is that with some of their designs, one does not need to wear other non-core pieces like bra and Spanx. With their Topez dress, bras are built right in matching dreams of millions of ladies out there dreaming of owning a cute dress that secretly has a sporting bra in it.

Fabletics continues to grow the sporting culture with confidence. A lady can easily perform some yoga on the bench without worrying about how safely her breasts will remain in her top. She can as well go about sunbathing freely without worrying on letting out what should remain her secret. The designs are both sexy and sturdy making the wearer feel much protected in them.

Fabletics was born in 2013, as founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Resler together with Kate Hudson. This is after the trio saw a gap in the activewear market place. The many available at the time only served the premium market segment leaving the middle, and lower market ends with no affordable, stylish and high-quality gear at their disposal.

Kate Hudson is particularly instrumental to the success of the company. The iconic actress and fashion tastemaker has made it her business to inspire women to lead healthy and active lives. She keeps on sharing her favorite outfit every month. Fabletics has an online purchase point where all their wares are displayed. Suggestions are made depending on seasons or the latest fad in town. From here, shoppers can easily shop for their favorite collections and await delivery. Visit: http://www.fabletics.com/swim-shop

15 Reasons Why People Exercise and Stay Fit

Fitness, fun and exercise come together for different reasons for every individual, so Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says this list was put together to see what others think about staying in shape. You will love it. Not everybody works out for the same reason, and here are 15 new perspectives on exercise that will cause you to pause and go Hmmmmmm.

1. Getting in touch with your hormones and endorphins will give you a new high and a sound sleep.
2. Physical, mental and spiritual qualities in a person are completely enhanced.
3. Discovering that you can make your body do incredible things.
4. Let’s you keep up with your three-year old.
5. Let’s you leave behind anxiety and stress.
6. I can be happy with the way I look – not fat, not skinny, just me.
7. Allows you to stretch your limits in every area of your life.
8. Teaches balance in your life.
9. Helps keep you stay emotionally stable – not freaking out over every little thing.
10. Fitness is a sign that you are improving all the time.
11. You feel good about yourself.
12. An unbeatable mind-body connection is developed.
13. Gaining control of chronic pain.
14. Sets your mind on goals in all areas of your life.
15. Fitness keeps you positive, flexible and building strength.

Tips for Falling Asleep Faster and Staying Asleep Longer

According to the Amen Clinics, a good night of sleep is essential for good physical and mental health. Loss a few hours of sleep one night and the following day will be miserable for you and everyone around you. Loss of sleep makes us irritable and feel terrible. If the loss of sleep continues, it can lead to lower IQ and obesity, plus a variety of other health problems. Use these tips for falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer so you can look and feel your best.

* Start and stick with a bedtime routine. Same time, same place each night.
* Make your bedroom comfortable. No noise, no lights and cool temperature.
* Don’t drink alcohol before going to bed.
* Drink a glass of warm milk just before bedtime.
* Get a few minutes of sun exposure early in the day to keep your internal clock on track.
* Don’t use cell phone as alarm clock. Texting and calling is too tempting.
* Stretch and breath deeply before or after lying down to relax the muscles and release stress.
* Count backwards from 100 to occupy your mind and let go of the thoughts of the day.
* Get out of bed if you can’t sleep. Lying there wide awake causes you to be stressed, which further delays sleep.
* Move the alarm clock away from you so you won’t be able to watch the clock and stress out over how late it is getting.

The Best Brain Food According To Daniel Amen

According to Daniel Amen, MD, in order to maintain a healthy brain and to keep it functioning at full capacity, it is necessary to nourish it with healthy foods. While all healthy foods are important, there are certain ones that are sure to improve how well you can think, the quickly you can recall important information and just your general motor skills as well. It is possible to look at all sorts of different food options, but this is a list of some of the very best.

For starters, Daniel Amen says nuts are a great food for the brain. These foods come with healthy fats and protein that improve brain functionality. However, there are some nuts that are better than others. Some of these nuts include almonds, cashews and walnuts. For anyone who wants a healthy snack, incorporating these nuts into the diet is a must.

For chocolate lovers out there like Daniel Amen, it is still possible to nourish the brain and your sweet tooth. Dark chocolate is an excellent food for this. Now, it doesn’t mean consume a pound of chocolate, but a piece or two after dinner is great. Just make sure it is dark chocolate and not milk chocolate.

In terms of fruits and vegetables most are all desirable, but at Daniel Amen points out, some are better than others. Avocado is an excellent option, and while it can be used to make guacamole, just eating it straight is fantastic as well. Beyond this, kale is exceptional as are apples and blueberries. While potatoes are not on here, sweet potatoes are, so if you love this food, feel free to enjoy. On top of it, while you might use it as a seasoning, oregano is a must for your brain food. Also, look toward cinnamon as well, which is extremely helpful.

This does not mean you need to skip out on protein foods. Eggs are a great food to use, and while chicken is nice, turkey is much better. Salmon is another lean food that provides healthy fats and protein without much in terms of calories. Mix this in with some shirataki noodles and you are good to go.

Now, for a beverage, both coffee and green tea are excellent options. Just make sure not to drown it all in sugar or creamer, as this kind of negates the idea of the beverage. If green tea is a bit bland for you though, add in some lemon.

For more from Dr. Daniel Amen, follow him on Twitter or check out one of his many bestselling books.


The Sourdough Doughnut from Pies n’ Thighs

If you’re in the mood for a doughnut that is both savory and sweet, the sourdough doughnut is just for you. Southern restaurant Pies n’ Thighs is introducing the baked good at its new Manhattan restaurant. The original Pies n’ Thighs is based in Williamsburg, Virginia and offers an innovative take on soul food.

In addition to the delicious doughnut which also boasts sour and salty flavors, Pies n’ Thighs will also introduce the collard greens salad with smoked coconut. A soup made of chicken dumplings will also be on the New York menu. The restaurant will serve a doughnut that has a rye rising agent as well. This baked good can be served with both sweet and savory dishes.

The sourdough doughnut is topped with glaze after it is fried to make it a welcomed addition to breakfast, but the treat is also a tasty dessert that isn’t overly sugary. North American Spine has a lot to say about this doughnut on their site knowyourback.org.

How To Manage Your Weigh During The Holiday Feasts

Pass over the pumpkin pie and look right past aunt Ida’s famous fudge. This year you want to fight the battle of the bulge with willpower. I am always gaining an extra 10 lbs or so during the holidays. I hate being the home that hosts the events, all the leftovers are in my fridge and eventually form another chin on my face. There has to be a way to maintain and not gain during the holidays.

I talked to a nutritionist who told me the trick to making sure to keeping my svelte figure. Instead of going for the potatoes, yams and other sugary treats, opt for more turkey, ham or other meats. Meat is a protein and they help to fill you up. Rather than filling yourself to the rim with sugary treats that raise the blood sugars, try more meat and less starches.

Sure, no one wants a dinner with all meats like Tom Rothman might suggest. Try limiting the sugary substances to one per night, according to this source. One piece of pie won’t kill anyone, nor will one piece of fudge. Rather than gorging on junk food, opt for healthier options. Try baked potatoes instead of mashed, then you can control the butter and other toppings. Yams arn’t bad unless they are covered in brown sugar and butter. Controlling ones intake is the start, what a person intakes is the second step.

Gaining weight is common during the holiday season, which is why New Year’s Resolutions include weight loss. Be ahead of the game this year, and don’t put on the weight in the first place.

Drop It Low

There is no time like the present to get serious about losing weight. A recent has shown that carrying any extra weight is a big health risk. Carrying this extra body mass ratio of extra fat poses health risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes along with other types of serious illnesses. Everyone knows that it is important to eat healthy and stay fit, but a recent study has shown that again, it is beyond important to get slim and stay slim. So what is the answer? It is simple. Get up and start moving. Exercising at least 30 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise is a surefire way to drop that body mass index along with following a healthy diet that is low in fat and cholesterol, at least according to this. Another interesting fact is that once people like Sam Tabar start an exercise regimen and see even slight results, they are generally more inclined to stick with it rather than stop.

In Praise of Pears

Eating healthy is a vital component of overall good health. If you are eating too much processed foods, you are not going to feel great. If you        change your diet to be more balanced, you will notice that you have a bit more energy. Rick Ross, a major figure in the hip-hop industry along       with his friend Brad Reifler has embraced a healthier lifestyle that includes more naturally sweet fruits. His shout out to pears is evidence of his enthusiasm for the change. It is awesome to see a celebrity endorsement for something other than an expensive body fragrance, some extreme form of exercise, or anything else really crazy. It is too early to know if his shout out will influence more people to purchase and consume more pears, but people have grabbed onto the Rick Ross-Pear Connection in artwork and even autographed pears. To Mr. Ross, keep the positive attitude and lifestyle changes

Cardio vs Weightlifting

To exercise or not to? While it is obvious that exercise is beneficial to the body, it can be difficult to right kind of exercises for your kind of lifestyle.

That keeps you in good physical shape and even contributes to your physical well-being, knowing the fact that you hold on to your principles and that you are more or less fit mean a lot.

But then, a lot of other questions emerge. Lifting weights vs doing cardio is a dilemma that you can often hear. According to some experiments, separating or doing both types of sport does not have much influence.

Let us start with the fact that cardio is for developing resistance and losing weight, whereas weight-lifting is good for acquiring a muscular look. Besides, some people are not advised to practice aerobics due to health conditions, or, quite the contrary, one can be asked to mind how heavy the things they lift are.

Thus, drawing the line and telling one that a particular combination is good for all would be incorrect as Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez endeavors to point out.

Starting with what you can handle is the advice I can give. Listening to your body and adapting the training cycles to your resistance level is another recommendation.

If your main purpose is to gain weight and muscles, weight-lifting is what you want to focus on. If your target is to lose weight first of all, cardio is your solution.