Jordan Lindsey Current Forex Trends

Investing in the Forex Market is a challenge for season investors, so as you can imagine it can be really difficult for people who are new to Forex investing. I believe there are a couple of things that will help all Forex newbies. First, it is important to pay attention to all the trends taking place in the Forex Market. Also, I believe it is important to seek knowledge from seasoned investors. Experience Forex investors like Jordan Lindsey.

Jordan Lindsey is a New York native and the Founder of Bitcoin Growth Bot, along with being the founder of JPL Capital which is based in San Francisco, California. Jordan speaks about having the correct mindset when it comes to eventually becoming a millionaire using Forex. Lindsey feels it is important for investors to focus on the bigger picture when comes to investing instead trying to get rich quick. The bigger picture as Lindsey sees it deals with compounding interest. Lindsey believes one of the problems newbies have when Forex trading is many are trying to hit a home run with every trade. In reality, it is not possible for most traders to get rich immediately with Forex. Lindsey believes the smartest way to trade is to follow the formula of steady financial growth for the long haul.

Being a trader for the long haul is especially important for new traders in the Forex marketplace. This means following the current trends taking place with Forex. Understanding the current trends will make a person a better, educated Forex investor. For example, going into 2018 one trend is a trend away from high-frequency Forex trading strategies that look for fast movements and short-term arbitrage. Current trends show a move away from aggressive consumed strategies to a more static based strategy.

Being a new Forex trader can be an exciting and scary financial world to enter. There is nothing more exciting than being smart and understanding how an individual can make smart trades. In the same realm, nothing can be scarier than seeing an individual first one thousand dollars used to open a Forex account go up in trading smoke from trying to get rich quick.

Greg Secker And His Amazing Mastery Of Forex Trading

When it comes to self-drive and the thirst for financial freedom, Greg Secker is one name that stands out. The 42-year-old capitalist, philanthropist, and renowned Forex trading guru who has a story to share. In his youthful days, at around 20 years of age, Secker was already a millionaire thanks to his sharp wit that saw him leave formal employment to start his trading endeavors and online trading applications.


Greg Secker worked for the trading firm, Thomas Cook Financial Services as an IT expert in the mid-1990s. His eye for detail helped him realize effective means of making money on the floor, and he decided to claim part of the pie. He started looking for ways to help individuals keep track of floor prices in real time. As a result, he created the Virtual Trading Desk, which won him the 1998 British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce. His ingenuity enabled him to refine strategies and tactics used by Thomas Cook to make it easy for a lay person to make money from trading.


Secker is also a renowned motivational speaker within the personal financial freedom realm. He started speaking in forums and media houses when he realized the need to educate people on creative trading tactics that could in return lead to financial freedom. He has been a notable speaker and an accomplished author on the leading Forex trading platform.


Greg Secker is the ultimate example of entrepreneurial success at a tender age. He became the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, a position he relinquished in 2003. From here, Secker went solo and committed his efforts to establishing a top-rated company, Learn to Trade. In addition to this, Secker has published books touching on financial success through the floor and the best strategies that lead to exemplary trading prowess.


Greg Secker has earned numerous awards and mentions as a pioneering light in the trading realm. Also, he is a dedicated philanthropist. In 2010, for instance, he helped start the Greg Secker Foundation that helps improve the lives of ordinary people across the globe in regard to life skills, entrepreneurial success and leadership skills.