Fruity Ice Is The New Summer Food Trend for Home Cooks

What is one great way to beat the summer heat? Put ice in everything possible. Staying hydrated and gorging on all the lovely summer fruits is another amazing way to fight the glare of the sun and the rising temperatures. A new trend that has come up with home cooks is combining these two amazing things. Here are some awesome dishes to try out –

Lime Mango Sorbet – With the sweetness of mango and the zesty punch of lemon, this sorbet will infuse freshness in your mouth. It is also pretty delicious because summer is the season of mangoes and there is no better time to make this dessert.

Vanilla Pear Sorbet – Pear and vanilla combine beautifully to give you a balanced sorbet that melts in your mouth.

Fig Sorbet – If you are a fan of figs, what better way to enjoy this fruit than turning it into a sorbet that the entire family can enjoy? You can add other fruits to this dessert to make it more interesting.

Watermelon Granita – Watermelon is fresh and delicious, plus it is loaded with water to keep you hydrated all day long. This granita can also be added to a dessert for that twist in flavor combinations.

TCM points out something Gianfrancesco Genoso has always known: turning fruit into ice gives you the necessary nutrients and the freshness of the fruits also helps to keep the killing heat to a bare minimum.