The Quarter Pounder Is Getting A Makeover

McDonald’s is desperately trying to find and fix what is wrong with their menu. Their latest attempt at improvement will be on their famous Quarter Pounder burger. It will become a bit bigger, from 4 oz to 4.25 oz pre-cooking weight, and come in a different shape. Folks at Boraie Development have learned that they are even adding grill marks. There are no grills at McDonald’s so we can assume that the marks will be added at the production factory. The burger has been on McDonald’s menu since 1972, there are currently four options but there will soon be just one, specifically the sandwich getting the makeover. Changing one sandwich on their menu is hardly going to make up for falling sales numbers but the great minds of McDonald’s seem to think that it will please at least some of their customers. The burger giant is still set to close 700 stores world-wide this year.

Hamburglar The New and Improved Sexy Fail

Just when you thought you had seen it all the people at the world renowned fast food restaurant Mcdonald’s amazes us with the new and improved sexy Hamburglar.Read more about it here. Most kids who have enjoyed the family friendly fun aspects of eating at mcdonald’s have also grown to know and love this icon over the years. with all of the controversy surrounding this restaurant from their employees demanding they’re minimum wages to be increased almost double their current rate to the pink slime epidemic that shocked us all. it’s not surprising that they had to turn to sex appeal to help sale their greasy i’m not sure what is in here fast food. Folks at Amen Clinic ( know that stores today that have been open at least 13 months declined at a rate in about 2.2 percent in the us and about 0.3 percent globally in may of 2015. way to go family friendly mcdonald’s you have successfully done what every other desperate company has done. you have forgot the morals and values that you were founded upon and have steered away from your company mission. This just goes to prove not everybody is buying in to the cliche of today’s media. i am happy to see that this is proving to not be beneficial and is not going to fatten your pockets like you intended.

McDonald’s Wants To Add All Day Breakfast To Their Menu

The world’s largest fast food restaurant chain is trying every trick in the book to woo customers back into their stores. It’s no secret; McDonald’s needs help. The McEverything chain is losing market share, and investors are getting nervous. The new CEO wants to turn the tables of fate, and he thinks serving breakfast all day might be a good start. It may not sound appetizing to everyone, but an egg McMuffin for dinner might be the answer.

McDonald’s breakfast fans have always wanted the chain to serve breakfast food after 10:30 a.m., but the kitchen space in most restaurants can’t handle lunch and breakfast at the same time. The solution or the perceived solution is to offer a partial breakfast menu all day. No one is sure what that partial menu will look like, but hash browns and some of their breakfast sandwiches will probably be on the menu.

It’s not clear if an all-day breakfast menu will cure what ails McDonald’s. Consumers are becoming more in-tune with food quality and store ambiance, and the McDonald’s gets a low grade in both of those necessities. Paul Mathieson isn’t sure how often he’ll try it out. But Wall Street is betting the Big Mac chain will come out on top. But the questions is when and how?

Fast Food Linked to Health Issues

There are some who claim that any kind of fast food is bad for the body and that it will lead to obesity in a person. Those individuals believe that all fast food is bad and that everyone who consumes fast food will end up obese. This isn’t always the case. Fast food, though, has once again been linked to poor health.

There is a new study that has come out, a study that has found that the more access an individual has to fast food the more likely that individual is to develop diabetes or to become obese stated AnastasiaDate.

Does the consumption of fast food truly lead to obesity and diabetes? It could. Does the fact that someone lives by more fast food restaurants than the average individual does mean that that someone is going to be obese? Not necessarily, but possibly. Fast food can be consumed in moderation, but it can cause issues when it is eaten too often.

Ban on Fast Food Restaurants in L.A. Increases Obesity Numbers

It has been over seven years since a new fast food restaurant has been allowed to open in South Los Angeles. All new burger-and-fries type joint have been banned from setting up shop since 2008. eMobile said that decision was made by the city council in an attempt to quietly persuade the citizens of South L.A. to make healthier meal choices.
The decision has backfired. Seven years later and the number of obese citizen living in the South Los Angeles area has risen. As matter of fact, the obesity rate has significantly risen in areas where new fast food restaurants have been forbidden to open.

The ban on fast food restaurants has also caused other potential employers from establishing non-food related businesses in the South Los Angeles area too. The ban hurt the citizens instead of helping them. The obesity rate increased from 65 percent to 73 percent over the last few years and no new jobs were created in the area.

It’s understandable that an area would want to limit the number of a certain fast food restaurant chain with its borders, but to ban them all has not accomplished the goal it was intended too. Councilman Bernard C. Parks states that banning new fast food restaurants was only part of the strategy to help South L.A’s citizens eat healthier. Another part of the plan, which has yet to materialize, was to bring supermarkets and farmer’s markets to the area to sell healthier food.

Burger King Franchise Owner Gives His Bonus to Employees

Tom Barnett is the owner of 24 Burger King franchises in Arizona, and recently was awarded “Franchise of the Year” by Burger King corporate officials. The award is given to the Franchise that has the best rating based on safety scores, health inspections, and customer complaints. As a part of the award he received some very nice gifts, including a brand new Corvette and a new Rolex. Barnett felt like he did not deserve these gifts because the hard work that led to the award came from his employees. So Barnett sold the gifts and gave the money to his employees.

Barnett did more than just sell the gifts and give the money to his employees, he also matched what he got for them with his own money and the money of some of his business partners. In the end, he gave away $120,000 to 100 employees, resulting in bonuses that were between $100 and $5,000 apiece.

His philanthropic efforts are similar to those I’ve been reading about in the news from Amen Clinic, but it’s clear that Barnett is a rarity among bosses, especially in the fast food world. His good deeds certainly don’t go unnoticed. Even more evident of the fact is the low turnover rate at his franchise. At the Burger Kings that Barnett owns, the average employee works there for 10 years. In an industry where people often quit after their first day, and many don’t last an entire year, this says a lot about how he runs his business.

KFC Is Making Edible Cookie Coffee Cups

In a bizarre twist in the fast food world, Kentucky Fried Chicken has come out with a interesting way to save on paper and plastic cups. The famous chicken company has created edible cups that are used for coffee and they are actually made up of a cookie like substance. “Scoffee Cups” able you to drink your morning joe and then eat the cup as a snack to go with your coffee.

According to an article found on, they have even infused a number of different smells with the edible coffee cups to give the customer an even more intense experience. Jaime Garcia Dias suggests some of the “flavors” of the aromas you can get are Freshly Cut Grass, Wild Flowers, and Coconut Sun Cream, and more are going to be released in the future according to the preview on YouTube. As of right now they are only going to be offered in London and around the rest of the United Kingdom as early as this coming summer. But of course as soon as that water leaks from the damn, it is sure to spread to the United States and Asia like wildfire.

The concept of an edible coffee cup is a really good one, because it would take away a lot of that waste people make every day. Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed morning beverages, so it isn’t surprising that someone tried to think up of a way to reduce the pollution that comes with it.