Lime Crime Has Some Exciting Products on the Horizon

Lime Crime is an up and coming makeup and hair care company. The founder and owner of the company are Doe Deere. She is the self-proclaimed unicorn queen and she launched Lime Crime in 2008. This makeup is unique in the fact that it is completely vegan and also it is cruelty-free. The inspiration for her hair and makeup line came from her trying to match colors with her clothing and finding limit options in the market. Her original make-up line did so well that she introduced a new line called Unicorn Lipsticks in 2009. In 2012 the company decided to dive into liquid lipstick and opened a new line called Velvetines. Doe Deere is hands-on with the product development and follows customer feedback closely.

The newest line to come from Lime Crime is the Venus Palettes which can be described as a Renaissance mix of bronzes, pinks, and reds. It was inspired by the beautiful goddess Venus. The kit has four finishes of Metallic, Matte Sparkle, Glow and Matte. The options to match your makeup with your clothing is seemingly endless with a variety of 18 shades. You can use some of the neutral palettes to create a more natural look. You can also use more daring colors for a great night out. The Venus XL Line goes on very light and smooth, so you can create layers and, mix and match to create your own custom shades.

Lime Crime also came out with a line of unicorn hair dye. The colors range from loud and colorful to a softer sultrier color. One of the popular colors is the cool blue Dilute. It can be used with any semi-permanent hair color and you will create your own shade of dilute. It comes ready to use and does not need to be mixed. If you’re not sure what the color will look like there are try me packets that you can order the unicorn hair dye. Once you test it on a small part of your hair you can then go back and order the color which turns out best. Doe Deere has you covered when it comes it expressing yourself through your makeup and hair.

How Kate Hudson Made Fabletics A Household Name

Kate Hudson Signs On


Kate Hudson has already made a name for herself as the image of female athleticism. When she was approached to work on Fabletics, it was only natural for her to do everything she possibly could to help the business prosper and reach its potential. Nobody has shown the same abilty to run a fashion retail business and nobody else has shown the ability to create a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars in as little time as she managed to do.



Things Go Up From Here


Fabletics was a success from the beginning and it only got bigger over time. Women like having outfits specifically designed to appeal to them and specifically designed to give them something that will look amazing on their bodies Fabletics helps them find something intended to match them regardless of what size they are. Hudson understood this before anybody else did and it has paid off greatly . She can now brag that her business is one of the most successful online fashion retailers out there. Nobody even comes close to having the same crowd or enthusiastic fan base.



The Numbers Don’t Lie


The most amazing thing about the work of Kate Hudson, is that Fabletics has proven to be a smash hit with no periods of loss. It receives revenue gains consistently regardless of the situation and it has made millions where others have failed. Obviously, Kate Hudson had some serious business sense, but what she’s done here goes beyond even the expectations of high level professionals like herself. There’s a reason people are copying her business plans. She has discovered a way to make an online fashion retailer that just about everybody can appreciate in full.



Where Things Will Go


The future of Fabletics is going to be based around moving out into the real word. So far there are at least 5 brick and mortar locations for Fabletics, but there are plans to build even more. With hundreds of stores, this could make Fabletics a household name like some of the greatest fashion outlets of the past. Hudson has already made a name for herself outside of fashion, but she wants to put her mark everywhere she can. This is only one way she can fulfill that goal of enriching her legacy and brand recogntion.



Building On Success


The success of Fabletics is certainly something that needs to be built on. When you manage to have this much support, it’s only natural to try to do something that will increase the amount of support you get and give your customers exactly what they want. Thanks to some smart thinking, it seems like she’ll be able to have her plan come to light. Fabletics has an idea that continues to appeal to audiences even today. There are so many people who want to experience the customized selections and they enjoy the style that Kate Hudson brings to the table.

George Soros Devotes His life to Serving Humanity

George Soros support individuals and companies across the universe through his philanthropic movements. He funds organizations to fight for freedom of expression, transparency, justice, and equity in the society. His donations focus mostly on the discriminated persons in the community like Roma people representatives, drug users, and sex workers.


Soros is a victim of torture from powerful communities during the Nazi occupation of 1944-1945. His Jewish family helped other Jewish acquire false identification papers to conceal their backgrounds to survive the killings. He advanced his academics at the London School of Economics and had to work as a railway porter and nightclub waiter to pay for his studies and learn more information click here.

In 1956, George Soros moved to the US and entered the investments and finance industry. He launched Soros Fund Management in 1970 and continued to build his fortune. Soros used his savings to start Open Society Foundations to bring associations, projects, and partners in over 100 countries together and what Gorege Soros knows.

Philanthropy Work

George Soros started his charity movements in 1976. He gave bursaries to black South Africans who were under the apartheid regime. In the 1980s, Soros facilitated the open exchanging of ideas and strategies in the Communist Eastern Bloc where he provided printers to reprint forbidden texts. The talented philanthropist developed the Central European University after Berlin wall fell to boost critical thinking and  Follow his Twitter.

Mr. Soros financed cultural exchanges between the West and Eastern Europe to help the Soviet society. Upon the end of cold war, the philanthropist expanded his charity to the US, Africa, and Asia. Soros supported new efforts to come up with transparent, accountable, and democratic societies. He was among the earliest prominent voices to condemn war against drugs and assisted in launching the America’s marijuana movement and learn more about George Soros.

Soros advocated for same-sex marriage as a way of achieving an open society. He has worked with the lawyers and paralegals to represent unlawfully held persons like Europe’s Roma. The devoted philanthropist goes beyond his foundation to support independent firms such as Institute for New Economic Thinking, International Crisis Group, the European Council on Foreign Relations, and Global Witness and read full aritcle.

About George Soros

Mr. George Soros is from Hungary. He started working at a merchant bank after graduating from the university. In 1969, the entrepreneur established his hedge fund, the George Soros. In 1992, Soros collaborated with Stan Druckenmiller to shorten British pound and made an impressive profit. He is the co-founder and owner of Soros Fund Management

George Soros Politico is a longtime critic of President Trump, and he supports liberal causes. Even in his 80s, George Soros takes part in running the Open Society Foundations. From his charity projects, it is clear that the aged man commits to fighting the most intractable conditions in the world. His financial market success gave the investor a degree of independence. The freedom has enabled him to move to an open, just, and equitable world.

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The Business Behind Fabletics

Since co-founding Fabletics in 2013, Kate Hudson’s grown the once small athleisure retailer into a $250 million company. Last year, Fabletics saw a 43 percent increase in sales, which is amazing considering how dominated the e-commerce fashion market is. Fabletics didn’t start the activewear movement, meaning there were already dozens of fashion powerhouses leading the industry.

Of the largest powerhouses is Amazon. Currently, Amazon controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market, making them Fabletic’s biggest competitors. Despite the market’s dominated economy, Fabletics still found a way to get over 20 million social media followers and open 18 retail stores. It seems like the brand’s 1.2 million members are hooked on something.

What Fabletic’s members are most likely hooked on is the on-trend fashion at half the price of what other brands are selling for. When someone becomes a Fabletic’s member, they can get several discounts on numerous items. Usually, those discounts are as high as 50 percent off.

While other shoppers are spending $100 or $200 on one pair of leggings, Fabletics members are spending half that and getting personalized fashion service. Also pushing Fabletics ahead of its competitors is Kate Hudson’s drive to provide fashion for all types of women. She wants Fabletic’s fashion to inspire every woman to feel her best and pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Four years ago, when Kate first began thinking about Fabletics, she knew she wanted to help all women. While Fabletics started out small, the brand just announced that they will be expanding into the plus-size market. There aren’t a lot of athleisure brands making products for big girls; Fabletics is.

The biggest problem for Kate wasn’t that more companies weren’t making activewear for big girls; it was that those that were charged close to $250 for a pair of yoga pants. Kate understood the importance of starting out small and inspiring plus-size women to become healthier.

For Kate Hudson, inspiration is everything. She, herself, is constantly inspired by her mother, Goldie Hawn. She grew up watching her mother put forth admirable effort into everything she believed in. She learned to never give up on her dreams and never stop fighting.

It’s that determination that made Fabletics what it is today. Fabletics is beloved by millions. A fact proved by the words of one reviewer.

Susan McGalla; Advice to Women Hunting for Success

Susan is a brave business figure who is passionate about inspiring women. There are times that debates have been tabled over women participation in executive positions. As Susan notes, even though there are increasingly many positions for women, they tend to feel incapacitated. As it was originally reported on PR Newswire, Susan McGalla has so far addressed women in several audiences. There are three strategies she provides as tactics to help women to scale up the ladder;

Higher Education Attracts Great Opportunities

Susan appreciates that women form a considerable percentage of the professionals in the American work industries. She challenges the women to pursue higher education despite the high cost. According to her, you should apply for scholarships and exploit all means. Either way, women must wake up to the war of talent. However, Susan is also careful to appreciate that there are several women pursuing higher education already.

Cultivating on Continued Confidence

Susan is aware that most women tend to get intimidated by management tasks. Even when they are educated, their aspirations keep dropping due to the administration influence. However, Susan McGalla challenges the women to wake to the reality. They should always have the burning desire to pursue greater managerial roles.

Overlooking the Glass Ceiling

According to Susan, what counts is your work ethic. She confesses that the approach made her attain the success she boasts of today. She never allowed room for prejudice. Being a woman, you tend to be given particular roles. That was not Susan! Focus on “breaking the glass ceiling.” It is a personal decision you make not to get bound by the status quo that tends to discriminate against women.


The PR Newswire highlighted Susan’s efforts to inspire women growth. She is passionate about realizing more women rise above the status quo. In her forums, she addresses the challenges facing women, and ways through which they can free themselves.

Famous Lipstick Brand Causes A Scandal On The Internet

Lime Crime founder and CEO Doe Deere, has created another hard to find shade of lipstick that has taken their 2.4 million Instagram customers by storm. That’s right, Scandal is a purple-violet hue that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Deere admits that her unconventional way of thinking has contributed to her vast selection of color choices. Nevertheless, they continue to serve thousands of happy customers each month. Their customers are looking for a bold colors that will enhance their mood and attire. Choose your favorite shade of Lime Crime today.


Scandal is based with the same velvetine matte that their customers are use to. You get a moist blend of super-foil that forms a mold exactly where and when you need it. In fact, you don’t have to worry about it smudging off later on because it is completely waterproof. Blend your makeup just the way you want or choose one solid color that will change your entire mood or bad hair day. Their customers also have the option of visiting YouTube to find great tutorials that will give you ways on how to mix, match, blend, apply, and remove Lime Crime cosmetics.


Doe Deere was named female entrepreneur of the year in 2016 in recent Bustle online news article of top female professionals. She continues to create shades that you will admire and can give you a bold new way to make a statement everyday. You’re invite to visit their exclusive website for a comprehensive list of amazing colors that include Purple Sorbet and Radical Metallic. They promise to have a shade for everyone with a completely vegan line that is cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified.


Your friends will want to know who does your makeup. Now is a great time to visit their website and take advantage of many promotional offers that includes free shipping for their first time customers. Get the colors that you desire wit a line of reliable shades that are trusted by many young and professional women around the world.