Livery Companies’ Lively Events

The Vintners Company is one of the 12 great livery companies of the City of London. They started their first chapter in 1363. They celebrated their 650th anniversary in 2013.

Vintners Hall was burnt down in the Great Fire of London in 1666 and was immediately reconstructed and finished in 1671.

Originally a wine trading company, Vintners Hall in the UK is a fancy banquet hall that holds many formal events. The Hall has several different rooms such as the Court Room, Livery Hall, and Boardroom. According to an article on Soaring Worldwide, Vintners Hall is known as the “home to The Worshipful Company of Vintners.” The Hall recently welcomed more than 120 members of London’s Livery Companies who showed off their creative catering skills.

The Wardens and Clerks of the Livery Companies gathered together for this special event. Searcys, one of the oldest hospitality companies, provided exquisite foods such as eel croquettes, prosciutto ham, rosemary and goats curd, and white chocolate truffles.

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Kim Lyons, Assistant Clerk of The Worshipful Company of Distillers, said this year all the key events will be held at Vintners Hall for many reasons, mainly because of flexibility and quality.

The Searcys company said their partnership with Vintners Hall was a great success. Searcys received a high number of positive reviews.

The article on Soaring Worldwide also said that Vintners Hall is the ideal place to host Livery Company events because it “brings the sense of grandeur to any gathering.”

Vintners Hall also holds charitable events such as The Benevolent. This event is for people working in the wine industry and is facing medical and financial hardships. Other charitable events include help for children who were victims of their parents’ alcohol or drug abuse.

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