Class Dojo: An Interactive Bridge between Parents, Students, and Teachers


Everyone knows that teachers are continuously trying to find better ways to bridge the communication gap between themselves, their students, and the parents of their students. That precarious balance between what transpires in the classroom, and what is going on at home, can be difficult to find. That’s where Class Dojo comes to the rescue. The interactive classroom application may just replace multiple dated forms of student monitoring, home communication, and photo sharing.

What Exactly Does Class Dojo Do?

Class Dojo is a fantastic application that is used in classrooms to not only monitor a student’s activities and behavior, but to seamlessly notify parents and give them an idea of what their kids are up to on a daily basis in real time. Students each have their own cute digital avatars, and are part of the interactive Class Dojo application in multiple other ways. For example: teachers can award points displayed on a digital class board based on a student’s behavior. They can then administer rewards based on this point tracking system. Also, students and teachers can share current updates, pictures and videos with families throughout the day. Class Dojo even has an instant messaging feature which is handy if a parent needs to notify a teacher immediately for any number of reasons. This in itself is a significant improvement on many dated systems. Class Dojo is truly an ingenious way to bundle communication and classroom monitoring into one fun and highly helpful application.

Class Dojo has proven to be a great innovation in classroom monitoring and communication, and will likely take the place of many older and less effective school practices. Seamless communication, interactive tracking, daily photo and video sharing, and a colorful kid-friendly interface are just some of the amazing features Class Dojo has to offer.