Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Saves the Environment

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is better for the environment than other bottled waters. Plastic containers, namely bottles of water have become a major environmental challenge. Over one trillion pounds of plastic is dumped annually into our oceans and 38 billion bottles are dumped into landfills around the world. Considering it takes more than one thousand years for plastic bottles to biodegrade, we will be dealing with this trash for several lifetimes. But, Waiakea has made a breakthrough. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water now uses a plastic bottle that biodegrades in 15 years.

Unlike ordinary plastic bottles that litter the earth for lifetimes, Waiakea Water can be drank and the bottle discarded without any guilt. The environment will not be negatively affected. Now, the consumer can enjoy the quality water that comes from snowmelt and rain flowing down the Mauna Loa Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is filtered as it travels through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. Along the way is leaches silica, calcium and magnesium from the lava rock and ends up very alkaline with a pH of 7.6 to 8.2, which is ideal for the human body.

Waiakea water is not only alkaline, it is rich in electrolytes and its delicious when it arrives at its final destination, the Kea’au aquifer where it is collected. This location is 2400 miles from any industrial facilities. It’s also surrounded by millions of square miles of ocean. This makes Waiakea Water one of the last remaining sources of naturally pure water.

Now, that Waiakea uses biodegradable bottles, it is 100% carbon neutral. The consumer of Waiakea Water will know that they are not leaving behind a carbon footprint. It’s not only biodegradable, it’s also 100% recyclable. The consumer can make a choice to recycle or to discard the bottle. Either way they will know that it will only take a little over a decade for the bottle to totally disappear or the bottle will continue to be reused. Waiakea has found the answer to creating a non-carbon foot printed product that is healthy, safe and tasty to consume.


Diet Soda May Be The Culprit in Weight Gain

The non-profit, consumer advocacy group, U.S. Right to Know, is urging that the word, diet, be removed from diet soda products, contending that the terminology is “deceptive, false and misleading”. The advocacy group cites contemporary research that suggests that diet soda may promote weight gain in individuals instead assisting in weight loss. Gary Ruskin, co-founder and executive director of U.S. Right to Know, is insisting on a broad, encompassing investigation of how organizations are utilizing the word diet in conjunction with the artificial sweeteners in their products.

Ruskin contends that the word, diet, is in violation of laws regarding product branding, labeling requirements, and false advertising. He believes that individuals like Sergio Cortes are under the assumption that such products are assisting them lose weight. when in actuality they are putting on weight. It is widely believed that the weight gain, is attributed to a break in the link that is associated with sweet taste, and caloric ramifications that engages individuals to overeat.

To the contrary, the American Beverage Association states that prior investigation, and research with human trials, substantiate the fact that diet soda, and other beverages designated as diet, are an instrumental element in an individual’s weight management program. They further cite the many studies that have proven the advantages of drinking diet beverages, along with the use of artificial sweeteners, in regulating with caloric intake.

Cocktails for Spring

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to break out those refreshing spring cocktail recipes. If you love a good mimosa, try this delicious version. Prepare the drink with fresh squeezed orange juice, sparkling wine and a sprig of fresh thyme. More fruity drinks include strawberry basil margaritas, a watermelon cucumber refresher, the hurricane and the El Diablo, made with tequila blanco, creme de cassis, frozen limeade concentrate, water and ginger beer. Try something a bit different by mixing mango puree, pickle juice and rum. Or give a sparkling strawberry cocktail a try. Simply blend together fresh strawberries, orange juice and water, then mix in some dry sparkling wine and slice orange.


The rosy raspberry spritzer contains rose wine, seltzer, sugar, raspberries and sugar. Another light, refreshing drink is the cucumber ginger fizz, which is made with vodka, lime, cucumber, sparkling water and ginger syrup. No matter which cocktail recipe you decide to try, it’s going to taste great as you sip it while sitting outside and soaking up the sun. Bernardo Chua certainly likes to mix it up from time to time.