Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Walden

There is nothing that impacts the way we deal with others like our physical appearance. Many people have confessed that they are unable to put across a point in a meeting because they feel less about themselves. Dr. Jennifer Walden, an expert in cosmetic surgery advice such individuals to go ahead and have the surgery. Dr. Jennifer has experience in the field for almost a decade. He began his career in New York, which he describes as the mecca of cosmetic surgery. When Walden decided to move his office to Austin, she was quite unsure of the market there. She says she doubted being a conservative state, there would be individuals embracing the art and more

Contrary, to her expectations, by the time she landed in Austin, two patients had already booked an appointment. One of them was her long-term friend. The friend is a stay at home mum, and she always had small breasts. When her breasts were enlarged and lifted, she was so excited to see the new self that she went encouraging other women to drop the fear and have the experience of a lifetime.

Dr. Jennifer says that her motivation in her daily job is empowering fellow women. In fact, if she woke up one day and realized she has deviated from her purpose, she would quit her job. Dr. Walden says there are very few women in the field. She further explains that the reason they are few is that the career takes a lot of years. Many women are not ready to get married at a late age and delay childbearing.

It is not easy being in a male-dominated field. Many times people will doubt your credibility. One, therefore, has to keep proving service themselves. For Dr. Jennifer, proving her authenticity in the field is nothing she can’t deal with on a daily basis.